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Stop staring at Romney's crotch, Urthshu   2012-11-07 02:55:00

Well, as the greatest crash of the "Greater Depression" looms, at least the case that capitalism is the culprit will be weakened with Obama's election. Republicans will be in a great position to take greater control over the government by 2016 if they re-brand the party on foreign policy, social issues, appeal to certain populist elements and make gutsy moves attacking the demographic, structural, ideological and financial weaknesses of the Dems.

They will need a different type of candidate, too. Santorum is too much a neoconservative, a Republican of the type that can no longer win. Christie has a great posture, but he's too liberal on too many issues for the base, even more so than Romney. Paul Ryan might be a good fit, but I doubt it. Marco Rubio and Rand Paul could be a good fit, depending on how they develop in the next three years. Maybe Jeff Flake.

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Gossip Girl DVD  2012-11-06 09:51:00

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Guy T.  2012-11-05 03:44:00

I'm optimistic. I know there's many a slip 'twixt the cup and the lip, but I think Romney and Ryan have done well to make the case for competence against the alternative. I plan to get to bed early and be there when the polls open at 6:30 tomorrow morning.

Lake  2012-11-05 03:10:00

You hauled me out of my pessimism, thank you. I know that Obama could still win, but your correlation-switch pulled me up short.

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