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RL  2012-11-29 10:57:00

Yes, House was consciously modeled on Holmes. His address was 221B, and his first patient in the pilot was a woman named Adler. There were other references if anyone cares. Wilson = Watson, for example.

Not sure why it's so necessary for Holmes derivatives to be uniformly assholes. In the original he was eccentric, not nasty. But maybe eccentric has become unacceptable in modern parlance.

Peregrine John  2012-11-29 10:19:00

Joseph, I believe I like the cut of your jib. You unrepentant nerd, you. But damn, do you lead with some unpleasant imagery.

urthshu, don't bother with Elementary. I tried, really gave it a go, but after seeing the first 2 seasons of Sherlock, it's a pale and unsatisfactory thing. Yeah, the latest Holmes is an ass to everyone, and aggressively nonsexual, but as Mr. L. said, it's sort of a late societal problem. I understand why they're doing it, regardless of whether I think it meshes with the original. It's still some of the best writing and acting I've seen in a fair while. They actually give the viewer credit for having grey matter now and then, which is unfortunately novel.

Oh - Yeah, House was meant to be sort of an echo of Holmes. Hence his name.

ErisGuy  2012-11-29 08:24:00

'Tis a pity Rathbone's Holmes was wasted in awful WW2 pastiches.

Brett died over a decade ago. No, over two decades. His initial Holmes' portrayals are about to be thirty years old.

While not wrong, I think you're too hard on Downey's Holmes and not hard enough on Cumberbatch's. Cumberbatch is good, but the first season plots were lifted from second-rate American cop dramas and gilded with names from Doyle's work. ("The Blind Banker" was dismal; "The Great Game" tiresome.) By your suggestion I will watch season two.

And of "Elementary,"...., it compares unfavorably "The Return of Sherlock Holmes" (1987) wherein Watson's granddaughter revives Holmes from suspended animation. (Which to my surprise was sorta remade a few years later.)

urthshu  2012-11-29 06:33:00

Never seen Elementary, though I was an on/off fan of House for a time - maybe that's equivalent.

I do love the Brit Sherlock series though I'm only able to see it on Hulu. There are too few of them, I think. I found the Moriarty in that series to be alternately superb and disappointing.

The RDJ movies: Seen 'em. I like all the actors but the movies come off as dreary. There are points I find fascinating - the fisticuffs techniques are recognizable to me since the southern kung fu I'd studied either influenced it or the other way 'round [an historical mystery from the Yankee Swab era] but I've found myself sleeping through 'em too often to say they're any good.

RL  2012-11-28 10:16:00

My blushes, Joseph.

Joseph  2012-11-28 09:29:00

"He's just a round peg in a square hole, and Lucy Liu is the round hole we, and he, are going to be teased with."

I'd crawl naked, dick first, over a mile of broken glass just to listen to Lucy Liu's round hole queef through a walkie-talkie.

It's been awhile since I've been to Baskerville, but Holmes seemed to be an asexual type who probably thought passion would muddle his keen intellect. The thing is, after just having read Vera Brittain's Voluntary Aid Detachment letters, I think it's safe to say the Brits were as great as they thought they were. Cambridge and Oxford educated lads who could conjugate in Sanskrit, dying in droves and still having the dignity to give Baron Richthofen a Christian burial after they shot him out of the sky. Lloyd George's brain, Churchill's balls. Kipling.

Now of course they have to be kneeling on prayer rugs by tea-time, lest the poor dhimmis face beheading for failure to render unto Allah what is his.

As for the Chinese, they can't export children's toys, dog food, or tooth paste, and thanks to the 'little emperor' mindfuck of their one-child policy (not to mention their own angry Uyghurs who will pose their own Georgia & Chechnya nightmare in the future), they're bound to be eventually devoured internally by some political force worse than Mao and Obama combined. Still no genuine Chinese menace, but the Chinese fanboy menace continues unabated.

What else? Oh, yes. Admitting this puts me in the God Tier of vestal virgin nerds, but the Sherlock Holmes video games for PC are exquisite.

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