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survivalgear  2013-02-26 04:54:00

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replica rolex  2012-12-04 10:44:00

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RL  2012-12-03 07:11:00


btw I just set a trap for you I HOPE you will fall into. Pretty sure you will.

RL  2012-12-03 06:14:00


"While I can hardly disagree that the country faces unprecedented problems, I find it interesting to see that you have taken the position that our national debt is a problem."

Every time I start thinking you might not be crazy, you prove you are all over again. The deficit and the debt permeate my discussions of the Obama administration and national crises. Your failure to see this is willful blindness. I swear I don't know what planet you are living on. Citations are too numerous to bother with since you obviously comprehend only at some berserkly oblique angle that makes sense only to you.

Helk  2012-12-02 05:37:00

Dr. Waffle is hardly a shallow thinker. He writes too well to be shallow.

Ralph  2012-12-02 12:16:00

You're wasting your time. I predict there is absolutely nothing you can say that will get through to Dr. Waffle. That is because he is a shallow thinker (not sloppy just very very shallow) and likely a narcissist as well.

I thank you for the entertainment.

Have you seen what the schools are churning out lately? Children incapable of thought and in love with their own sarcasism and selves. They think wit is thought. They do so because that is what they were taught. Mr. Waffle is just the same. He was never told wit is not a substitute for critical thought. That is the true crime here.

Teachers need to teach children how to think and think critically not ironically or sarcasitically. Children need to be taught to think logically and not just accept what is put before them.

Much of progressivism makes absolutely no sense but children have been conditioned that any thought outside the orthodoxy is racist, sexist, bigoted or homophobic. They have learned not to question anything except the right it somehow all makes sense to them.

Helk  2012-12-01 05:49:00

While I can hardly disagree that the country faces unprecedented problems, I find it interesting to see that you have taken the position that our national debt is a problem.

I recall posting here a long time ago that the debt was going to be the primary factor in determining the quality (or lack thereof) of our future. People yelled me down for being retarded.

Well, I see that you have finally embraced that line. Not the retarded line (though I suspect you embrace that also) but the debt line.

As for people having abortions... why do you care? You smoke cigarettes, right? I mean, admittedly, you were in a position to make that choice for yourself.... And I am sure that a fetus would likely prefer to be born rather than be aborted. If it had an opinion on the subject.

Can we all agree that a fetus is incapable of making a decision for itself?

And if we ban abortions in the middle of a recession-depression that is going to lead to *more* unemployment and more kids who will end up not being able to find a job. Think of all those doctors who planned on working in abortion clinics. What are they to do if we ban their line of work? I mean, abortions are one of the few areas where we continue to see unabated demand. The housing market is weak, the stock market is getting ready to crash (admittedly, I think we have until ~2015 but things can change), the list goes on and on. But demand for abortions just keeps chugging along like the little (economic) engine that could.

How can anyone anywhere support shutting down abortion clinics in the middle of an unending recession? Now, I know things that have no end have no middle. Of course. Not that it matters.

What again matters? Oh, yeah. That bomb that is getting ready to go off in Israel. By my count we have a few more days, maybe a few more weeks.

Then the proverbial shit is going to hit the fan.


Octavia  2012-11-30 06:44:00

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Elvira  2012-11-30 06:43:00

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urthshu  2012-11-30 12:08:00

at one time there was an implicit understanding on the left that one didnt poke the bear, with the bear being the american public.

thus, theyd go for all of this socialist stuff and take over institutions but never explicitly say the word socialist except amongst friends. it was understood that to reveal that purpose was to endanger, perhaps, the entire project.

the bear is not only poked, but well awake now. but look, no teeth!

so what is there to fear?

Lake  2012-11-30 10:21:00

Point taken, Joe. I was just saying that it didn't seem like you were saying anything that would be a revelation to RL.

Joe  2012-11-29 09:02:00


Some of the blame needs to fall on mainstream conservatives. No, not guys with blogs, and not bitter fringe Paleos like Buchanan who use Wilsonian rhetoric to hide hatred for Jews, or even the Ron Paulista kids who blather about 'controlled detonation' at the Twin Towers.

The worst, and the only group of conservatives I truly reserve hatred for, are the toadies like Ross Douthat or David Frum of the New York Times, or Peggy Noonan of the Wall Street Journal, or anyone at National Review (aside from John Derbyshire and Robert Weissberg). Someone once said the motto of the Left is "enemies to the Right, and only friends to the Left." That is pretty much the position of mainstream conservatives. They are embarrassed by the democratic energy of the hoi polloi, the working and middle-class backbone of the Republican party. They think pro-lifers are retrograde religious fundamentalists. They think anyone who supports SB-1070 is a hillbilly shooting Mestizos along the border at their ranch in Bisbee, Arizona. They don't challenge liberals when they talk about 'tea party extremism' as if people who wanted to reduce the deficit by 1% are mixing ammonium nitrate in rented vans. I could go on, but you get the drift. Enemies are one thing, traitors are another entirely.

Lake  2012-11-29 08:27:00

Joe: That's what the man himself has been saying all along. That's what The Boomer Bible was all about, at least on the surface. The mindset of the Left has been taking everything over piece by piece using whatever unfair strategy and tactics they can. Every card of racism, sexism, homophobia, and classism has been played, every advantage taken.

Hence, Obama reelected. Hence the mourning. Hence the transition to adapting to the new world where we'll probably never be able to return from.

Dr. Waffle  2012-11-29 04:54:00


1.) Thank you for initiating.

2.) I'm actually going to be out of town for a few days. I do plan on responding in full once I return and have Internet access.

Joe  2012-11-29 04:00:00

I think blogger Mencius Moldbug had the best take on the election for conservatives: Had America been what you thought it was, Romney would have won. But he lost.

Rob, you have a moral compass and believed in a propositional nation and are still (forgive me) credulous enough to qualify your legitimate grievances by making sure that people understand you are not racist/sexist/homophobic/ etcetera. Point blank, you lost your nation because you were fighting by Queensberry rules while the Left has spent the last sixty years soaking their wraps in figurative plaster-of-Paris.

I could get deeper into the demographics issue, Israel, immigration, global warming, and so on, but since this post is mainly between you and Waffle, I'll beg off, and say only that the True Believers, those who believed in "American exceptionalism" just weren't cynical enough to compete with people who (despite their vaunted 'love of democracy") took over sectors of society not governed by meaningful consent, i.e. the supreme court, the law profession, human resources, and the Universities.

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