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urthshu  2012-12-05 12:50:00

Its not bad. I mean, I tried it and it worked and I got other people into it, but Pandora isn't something I bother with all that much. Admittedly, and unapologetically, I've got narrow musical interests running mostly to 70/80s Punk, and not the Alternacrap kind. Green Day and Led Zeppelin both make me heave. But then I'll stumble across something that cracks me up once in awhile.

Lake  2012-12-05 05:23:00

I regret not telling you about this, and I apologize! You were the one who first impressed on me how big and important the availability of music on YouTube is: The unknown connections, the deep tracks, the sheer number of freely available songs. How much more Pandora, with curated algorithms that spin a web of exploration between known favorites and new discoveries.

We've been using Pandora in our house in the exact same way, with the iPad and a decent speaker dock, letting the album covers and info to display. Our collection of new favorites has grown exponentially, and I can't wait to try a few of your 'stations'.

Helk  2012-12-04 09:34:00

If I might suggest another AI site for you.

IT takes a while for it to understand you, and I doubt it will ever understand *you*.

M.  2012-12-04 07:46:00

Great find, RL, thanks for the info. Does Pandora come bundled with the America Online CD? I can't wait to check it out!

Joe  2012-12-04 04:58:00

Van the Man's new one is a classic. Look up "Going down to Monte Carlo."

Alfa  2012-12-04 01:54:00

No wonder it's called Pandora. Sounds terrific.

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