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Skinny Devil  2012-12-11 11:25:00

Why should some American citizens be starving and sleeping in the streets while others are chopping down innocent pine trees and decorating them with sparkly crap?

ErisGuy  2012-12-08 08:49:00

In a society of equal citizens, the only fair tax is a head: the same amount for every citizen. In a society of subjects made equal, the only taxes are progressive taxes.

"No Capitation, or other direct, Tax shall be laid, unless in Proportion to the Census or Enumeration herein before directed to be taken."

urthshu  2012-12-07 08:35:00

>>>But history is no guide for us. The end of the Roman Republic was the beginning of the Roman Empire. The end of the American Republic is the end of the nation that never really wanted to be an empire when it had the chance. The first nation ever to make that choice. Proof of American exceptionalism now that it's finally and officially done with.

I guess we'll have to see it play out. I foresee an Empire, but that being more a "Heartland" Empire than a foreign expansion. IOW, the government we have now becoming more imperial in its disdain for the populace and the way it transacts business, a further erosion and eventual elimination of State Rights, internal Federal troops, a hardening [further, really] of class structures, etc.

You can see clearly the outlines for each of those now. We've even got our own Helots.

Alternatively, I could see proposals to sell us out wholesale to the UN. While that would not get done - I think - it might be possible to persuade NYC to become an independent City State of the UN so we can be rid of them, finally and forever. /dreaming I know

Helk  2012-12-06 09:14:00

The movie stars are the modern Greek and Roman Gods. We look to them for guidance; we live vicariously through them.

We don't pray to them; I think in fact we do. Unwittingly we recognize that these people are living on Mount Olympus. The difference between the average American and the average Greek or Roman is that the average American can be fooled into thinking that they might also be able to make it Mount Olympus. And Obama confirms that belief.

he is the impossibly unlikely come to be real.

Insanity is defined as doing the same thing and expecting a different result. Mental handicap is defined as a physical disorder that limits a persons ability to think clearly. The Obama supporter is both insane and mentally handicapped.

Joe  2012-12-06 04:08:00


Steve Sailer said it best. There was a rumor going around that Obama was a "muslim spy." Sailer said that spies are people like Smiley in John Le Carre's "Tinker Tailor" or guys like Aldrich Aimes. Spies tend to be men who are boring on the outside, but are leading exciting double-lives.

Obama is the opposite. Seemingly exciting, but dull to the core, without any great and exciting secrets; though Jerome Corsi and Dinesh D'Souza are making good money convincing people otherwise.

RL  2012-12-06 02:08:00


Don't get overwhelmed. Obama's a dork. Everyone knows it. The incredibly sad, even tragic, thing is that they reelected him anyway.

Nobody believes the messiah mythology anymore Nobody. Now he's just the jerk we prefer.

Joe  2012-12-06 01:47:00

Britney Spears' vagina resembled nothing so much as Bill Murray's crooked mouth in the film "Caddyshack."

Your analysis is pretty accurate, except that Obama was not, as you seem to suggest, what the TV writers used to call the 'audience identification,' where the viewer sees themselves in the place of a certain character.

The celebrities (and even the elite) were awed by the phenomenon of Obama, not the other way around. Obama is not of the real elite, but as Maraniss and Sailer have pointed out, he was fluent with them (the choom gang at Punahou, the international Middle-Eastern billionaire boys club he hung out with in college), and the real elite (not celebrities) don't spend a lot of time watching television. Most of them don't even own one. Obama is awed only by his own carefully constructed narrative, and seems more enamored of financiers, currency speculators, and champagne radicals, than by the celebrities who are his useful idiots.

Those are just my two cents.

Alfa  2012-12-06 01:46:00

And just today I had a coworker tell me we're going to be taxed to the max because of Republicans. So I gave a smack down but this is what they think. It will be someone else who is rich and should have taxes raised. Just amazing.

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