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Paul Moore  2012-12-09 05:15:00

I remember when women wore skirts unless they were riding a horse or skiing. Men's swimsuits only came in boxer style. Only navy vets had tattoos. Grown ups didn't ride bicycles, and nobody wore helmets or lycra spandex. Sex was still dirty. Soda came in glass bottles thick enough to use for an emergency hammer. Seeing a movie was an event.

I knew I was in bizarro world when a Baptist church group showed up at a military funeral to mock the soldier's sacrifice, and a biker gang showed up to defend it.

suds46  2012-12-08 10:52:00

I grew up in the 1950's in a very small town in northeast Kansas (population about 400). In the summertime they would put on a weekly band concert. The band was made up of adults in the community as well as high school musicians. My best friend's dad played trumpet. They put on these concerts right in the middle of the main street and all the stores stayed open late. In those days the railroad had a depot in the town. The railroad employed a fellow to deliver freight which he delivered by putting it on a cart when he pulled by hand. He had a helper at times to help push the cart and make the deliveries. Neither of them were educated and were probably quite limited intellectually. Nonetheless, I considered them my friends. When it was time for a band concert, they would pull their cart down to the city auditorium. In the basement of the auditorium was the railing and the chairs for the concert. They would haul the railing and the chairs and the music stands up and load them on their cart and pull it to up to the main square of the town and set it all up. And I would help them. When the concert was over, I would help them tear it all down and haul it all back to the auditorium and put it back in the basement. For this effort I would get a half dollar which made me rich for a couple of days. During the concert my friend and I would sit on the curb and listen to the music or run all over town, climbing up on the building roofs or maybe go to the drugstore and have a rootbeer. I miss a lot of things from those days (1950's), but I think I miss the band concert nights most.

Joe  2012-12-08 08:42:00

I still get milk (in glass bottles) delivered to my door, as well as all of my groceries, but Cincinnati is an exception.

Many things I pine for were dead or dying before I was even born. I would have loved to live in a time when children tried to dress like men, rather than the other way around. I would like to be able to wear a tailored suit and a homburg or a fedora without someone asking me if I'm preparing for a production of Guys & Dolls. I would like to be able to drive a massive car with tail-fins, without getting glares from the hybrid drivers and being made to feel like I am dooming the world to another ice-age because I like my car.

I wish there was not such a large proliferation of online magazines, and that old venues like "Hitchcock Mystery" or "Weird Tales" reigned. I wish I was alive for the plucky "Golden Age" sci-fi when it was more optimistic, before the dystopian Cyberpunk stuff came in.

urthshu  2012-12-07 07:01:00

Oh. What I miss:

My small city was once very agriculture-linked and everybody ate seasonal and fresh. So you knew Fall was here when the apples showed up in big barrels, pumpkins and cider was everywhere. Similar, summer was oranges and tomatoes, berries in spring, etc.

Then, there was ice skating in the many parks, including in a below-ground courtyard to the Xerox tower right in downtown. Traditional stuff people did that you can talk to complete strangers about now because they were public and good and just everyone did those.

Nowadays I just couldn't say if anything is held common amongst kids. Not in activities besides video games, maybe more as far as movies or ChuckECheezes I'd guess. But nothing shared across class/wealth lines as it were.

urthshu  2012-12-07 06:49:00

Huh. I've got One Step Beyond on my Netflix queue but haven't gotten to it yet

suds46  2012-12-07 06:29:00

Tomatoes. If you want good ones you have to grow them yourself or hit the farmersí markets. I haven't bothered to by any at a grocery store for many years. The same thing goes for cantaloupe and/or muskmelon. What do I miss? I miss staying with my cousin's family and picking a big ripe tomato from their garden and making a tomato sandwich. Bread, butter and sliced tomato.

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