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Peregrine John  2012-12-17 09:07:00

My Southern Correspondent sent me a line he found to the effect that Tarantino is the racial equivalent of a cuckold fetishist. Took me a minute to sort through that, but all things considered, he (or the source of the line) could be more or less right.

Joe  2012-12-13 10:39:00

Django Reinhardt= second best non-rock & roll guitarist of all time, for me at least. I like Segovia best.

As for the upcoming "Django," film with Jamie Foxx, I believe I'll skip it. Tarantino at least has a bravura visual style, which might make the film entertaining (rather than the didactic bludgeon that you would get from Spike Lee), but I predict this will be a lesser outing from the old Easter-Island headed video store clerk turned movie maverick.

If the movie does well, though, maybe Jamie can follow in Chris Rock's footsteps and they will "axe" him to host the "Oxers." I know that 3-6 Mafia got their Oscar for their rousing song, "It's hard out here for a pimp," before Scorsese got his little gold statue, so maybe we can try to sink to newer low depths at this year's ceremony. How about this: Lifetime Achievement Award for Paulie Shore?

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