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SkinnyDevil  2013-01-18 01:18:00

I love the clustered 3s in the early sections. You like Steve Reich by any chance?

Here's one for you...Chick Corea's "Children's Song #1" - absolute magic:

I need to learn how to put the link in!

Joe  2013-01-18 11:06:00

I have my own issues with Glass, but I do enjoy some of his music. Ultimately, though, I can only stomach repetitive music if it's religious.

You might like Arvo Part:

Or Ryuchi Sakamoto:

Though I'd wager you're already familiar with the latter. At any rate, get well soon.

Lake  2013-01-18 05:25:00

I'm sorry to hear you're sick, RL. I look forward to the chance this weekend that I'll get to sit back and listen to this piece the right way.

jwillmoney  2013-01-17 08:13:00

He is great, but I was with RL.... he kind of has to grow on you. Symphony #9 - all 3 movements are beautiful.

Alfa  2013-01-17 04:24:00

Just gorgeous. Never heard this before.

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