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ROLEX??  2013-02-02 05:09:00


Winston Sith  2013-01-27 09:40:00

I'm ready and willing to help out this effort with video blogs/what have you. My YouTube channel has 114 subscribers who have no idea what is about to happen to them.

Peregrine John  2013-01-23 03:49:00

Arrrgh, this is what happens when people keep interrupting me as I write! Sorry, I meant "actual, literal death"... which makes a hell of a lot more sense. Bloody hell.

Peregrine John  2013-01-23 03:46:00

Definitely do this on a different domain, one designated to take a dive if necessary, a false front of sorts that spares this venerable location. Come to think of it, have a different domain for each target. Matthews gets his own Land of Tingles to himself. There's no reason not to have the sites all run the same way by the same malcontents, with perhaps a different punk taking point for each. The multiplicity of apparent fronts will divide them, not us. Tactics can be developed through trial against several opponents and brought to bear against all of them, adjusted for the particular vulnerability of each.

It all sounds very grand and idealistic, doesn't it? Odds are we could actually make it work. Joe's halfway to proof of concept already. Only reasons that come to mind of why no one's done something similar yet are (1) preoccupation with the moral high ground has prevented it, or (2) someone actually has done it, but no one noticed.

It pays to remember Joe's earlier point: They really do prefer actual, nonliteral death or severe injury to acknowledging the patently obvious. It's an abject inability to look directly at the purest crap underlying their cherished positions. An assault on the lies they don't even recognize yet as lies could erode the ground from under them long before they think to respond. How they respond to their individual falls, I don't much care. Just that they fall.

RL  2013-01-23 01:12:00


I hear two principal questions.

First, if we do this, Instapunk will probably have to be shut down. So you will need your own domain.

Second. The feeling of being dirty. I know. If you can't devote yourself to bringing down the target, I understand. Truly. But the opportunity is to have an army of snipers similarly and singularly focused. What we've never done that they ALWAYS have done.

Tough call. But when I'm asked what can we do, this is the answer. Did you ever watch The Punisher? It doesn't make him happy to punish the evil ones. It's just that somebody has to.

Do a second blog at the same time. Teach the history and music you love so well. Why do all superheroes have secret identities? Because Clark Kent keeps Superman sane.

Joe  2013-01-23 08:24:00


I will do it, not hypothetically, but really. Maher has left a long trail of slime (ever seen his "acting" in "Avocado Women in the Jungle of Death")? Should I get my own web domain, or amass a large report and pass it on to you?

He is such a terminal hypocrite. This will not be fun. His novel was horribly reviewed years ago and is filled with racism of a very crude variety. He has gotten eviscerated on his own show many times (CIA Intel Analyst Michael Scheuer spanked him very badly on foreign policy and even turned his audience against him).

I'll talk with the writer Jim Goad, who went on his show once and truly loathes the man (he calls him Anteater Face).

Another thing about Maher is that he doesn't just think he's brilliant. You get the idea from watching him strut around on stage that he believes he's physically attractive. He sleeps with Playboy bunnies who grudgingly accept his advances in the hopes that it will further their careers. One of them even went completely crazy on him in public, saying he promised to get her pregnant and further her acting career. It was pretty embarrassing.

My only problem is that this broadcasts what someone once called "the Sigma signal," i.e. being right factually but inadvertently broadcasting your own weakness. Maher is a douche, but if I devote a large amount of time to researching him, I am spending an inordinate amount of time thinking about Bill Maher, almost obsessing over a worthless specimen of humanity.

RL  2013-01-23 12:51:00

Just to be clear. Joe responded as if I was speaking idly or hypothetically. Not true.

I'm telling you what we can do. What we really can do.

Kill the MSM.

Think about it. Then volunteer.

RL  2013-01-23 12:07:00

P.S. When I said one David, one Goliath, I wasn't being literal. A David can be a cell, for example, including a writer, a hacker, an accountant, a con-artist interviewer, and a devious schemer. One Goliath, one blog. Nobody has to fight the whole empire. There are enough of us to bring down every stentorian voice.

What THEY'VE done to Sarah Palin. Without mercy. So let's do it to Bill Maher and see how he likes it.

Who's first up for the Bill Maher Report? No need to feel guilty. He's been begging for this his whole life. When you do him in, you'll be Shane killing the self-hating gunfighter who can't ride a horse. See the movie. Then volunteer. Everyone can make a difference. Even if you have no definable skills, smart and perceptive and really scary smart about nothing in particular could make all the difference.

Joe  2013-01-23 12:05:00


It would be easier than you think, as Matthews is despised by many of his fellow travelers. The Mainstream will not take criticism of any liberal from someone on the right, but if someone on the right can amass credible criticism from the Left (along with a ream of Matthews' foot-in-mouth moments) it would at least consume some of their resources by forcing them to respond, and it would piss them off, if nothing else.

Media Matters already hates him. He's said things that piss feminists off. The coalition of the Left only works on paper. In reality they're a circular firing squad. Someone just has to give the order to pull the trigger.

Here's an inspiring quote by Lichtenberg, on what we might hope to accomplish in a very limited (but somewhat satisfying) way:

“I ceased in the year 1764 to believe that one can convince one’s opponents with arguments printed in books. It is not to do that, therefore, that I have taken up my pen, but merely so as to annoy them, and to bestow strength and courage on those on our own side, and to make it known to the others that they have not convinced us.”

Clinton confessed Obama would have been serving him coffee a couple of generations ago. Biden "complemented" him as "having no Negro dialect," (why, he wasn't even spitting watermelon seeds!) and "being clean-cut." It is only a matter of time until Matthews' massive case of projection causes him to slip, and he has a Michael Richards-style meltdown. The mask can't come off fast enough, in my opinion.

RL  2013-01-22 11:48:00


You just gave me an idea. So simple but so invisible to most of us because it is so brutally simple.

Peregrine John commends us to Sara, who wants to fight by raising our children better. She's right, but there's not enough time.

The short term answer is the politics of personal destruction. Let's set about destroying these mothers one by one, but all at the same time.

You mentioned Chris Matthews. Let's have a volunteer to do the Chris Matthews Report. Somebody to compile everything he's ever said and done. And keep at it. Call the National Enquirer. Watch his show and tell us what he said. Get his college records, his Juvie records, his maid's opinion, the make of his car, the schools his kids go to, where he goes to church, if he goes to church, what his staffers think of him, who his wife is screwing while he's humping the image of Obama. Who he's screwing if he still can. His Viagra prescription and delivery dates if he can't. His boyfriend if he can get it up for anyone but Barack. Everything. Just Chris Matthews. All Chris Matthews. All the time.

By the same token, we need the Lawrence O'Donnell Report, the Piers Morgan Report, the editor-in-chief of the New York fucking Times Report, the Brian Williams Report, the George Stephanopoulos Report, the David Gregory Report, the David Letterman Report, the Rachel Maddow Report, the Ed Report, the Soledad O'Brien Report, etc, etc, etc.

Stay away from the administration. They'd probably have us killed. But take out their media apologists one by one with personal, professional, and other misdeeds, and we'll hasten the downfall of the accomplice MSM.

Glenn Reynolds spoke of an Army of Davids. Let's take it literally. One David for each Goliath. One mission. Take him (or her) down. Completely. Dig and post and dig and post until they can't stand it anymore. Then dig and post some more.

The dirt you can find and confirm Breitbart will print. Guaranteed.

Think about it.

RL  2013-01-22 11:07:00

Got it.

  2013-01-22 10:53:00


I would actually rate Matthews as more untethered from reality than Goebbels, in that Joseph was at least shrewd enough to recognize that he was engaged in a big lie (he had to know, since his films like Der Erwige Jude didn't even feature real Jews) whereas I believe at this point Matthews is all in, for real.

I think I mentioned before that when I look in Matthews' eyes (or Lawrence O'Donnel's) I see missionary zeal. You're right, it is not hyperbole. It is religious zeal. Obama is now Matthews' religion.

RL  2013-01-22 10:33:00


I'm well aware that Goebbels and his wife Magda committed suicide after slaughtering their daughters like cattle. For a moment there you made it sound like an act of conscience, which it wasn't. It wasn't hyperbole that killed them. Hyperbole? Ads for Tide laundry detergent use hyperbole.

What Matthews, and Goebbels, are guilty of is not hyperbole. They're guilty of monstrously huge, fuck-God-in-the-eye LIES. The Goebbels killed themselves because there was nowhere left to run, not because they thought anything that Joe did was wrong. I won't live to see it, but one day a doddering Chris Matthews will be honored on national television for his extraordinary and fearless dedication to truth in journalism. On that day what you call hyperbole will be called eloquent principled passion. But hyperbole is the first step in the language mutation from pretend objectivity to vicious propaganda.

Why I'm still not sure I understand your point. Or why I still need clarification.

Joe  2013-01-22 09:46:00


Joseph Goebbels, Hitler's Minister of Propaganda, did in fact commit suicide with a gun, but the exact details of his suicide, as well as that of his wife, and the murder of his children, are murky. We know the wife and kids took cyanide before dying, and there is reason to believe Goebbels did as well. I was drawing a parallel between the blind faith and devotion Goebbels had to his supreme Reich Chancellor, and the ardor Matthews reserves for his Fuhrer.

RL  2013-01-22 04:42:00


Find myself needing explanation of your last sentence.

Lake  2013-01-22 03:02:00

I, too, avoided the entire speech and the aftermath, but I can only imagine it felt like the beginning of four years of the greatest internal assault to our country yet if he's successful.

Of all the commenters, I am probably most guilty of the 'play nice' default attitude, and as you know, I'm trying to shake it like a bad habit. This blog sustains me, and I need to hear more from you and less from the Ericksons of the world and in my life.

urthshu  2013-01-22 02:59:00

More to the point, maybe, is that the Republicans have ceased being my Party. I don't know what the Hell they are anymore.

Joe  2013-01-22 12:36:00

John Derbyshire has observed two phenomena which are relevant here. The first is his twist on an old adage, which he calls "Better dead than rude." His example is of a small police station where a 350 lbs. convict was transported by two smaller female officers, who he quickly overpowered and violently assaulted, before escaping.

Any chief or supervisor worth his salt would not have allowed those women on the detail, but rather than face charges of "insensitivity," or even "misogyny," someone in that chain of command decided a death (or injury) was preferable to common sense. Many mainstream "conservatives" clearly prefer quiet acquiescence to the death of their country to accusations of racism. The only mainstream conservatives with testicles are women like Ann Coulter.

The second phenomenon, "hate creep," is the theory that what was once acceptable behavior is deemed hate, and once conservatives accept the new premise, further concessions and new definitions of hate can be drummed up by the left.

A good example of this would be perceptions of homosexuality. Bob Dylan dismissed speed as a "Faggy"(sic) drug and the innocent Molly Ringwald called Anthony Michael Hall a "fag" in "Sixteen Candles." Those would be career killers in our hyper-PC climate of today. And ten years from now we'll all have new marching orders.

And for some reason, when liberals drop the atomic "R" bomb on mainstream conservatives, with very few exceptions they will waffle and cringe, or in the case of Glenn Beck they cry profusely and whine about the legacy of the great plagiarizing woman beater whose holiday we celebrated yesterday, MLK.

Believe it or not, Matthews comparing Obama to Lincoln is actually his toned-down version of hagiography. A few years ago he said that if you didn't cry when you saw Obama speak, you weren't an American. That kind of hyperbole caused Joseph Goebbels to bite down on a cyanide capsule.

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