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Hector Berlioz  2013-01-24 07:00:00

I play the saxophone and the piano, do you play any instruments? I do have new piano, thanks to my wonderful business partner managing to move it up a mountain of stairs for me. I will get some more sheet music soon enough, but I love playing music because it stimulates a part of my brain a particular kind of way, which I find brings me happiness. I use to have a beautiful saxophone, but it was stolen recently, but that's what I get for not playing it regularly. I ' hope ' some inner city kid gets it for a great price since it probably ended up in a pawn shop near by.

More booby traps.

Philip Glass tour de force, genius, and I appreciate the use of the mirror. I think this song succeeds at being incredible moving because it reflects, foreshadows and foresees the movements of daily life. When I was listening to it I started to imagine riding my bike to this song and walking through the stacks at the library very slowly. I could feel my day before it even happened with the passing of every note.

off to the cold....

Lake  2013-01-23 05:15:00

The piece that has kept me afloat over the last two weeks has been Einaudi's Fly. I don't know much about the technicalities of piano music, and it probably doesn't hold a candle to Glass' composition, but it lifts my soul.

RL  2013-01-23 02:47:00

Hey Linda:

Glad you're still here. What instrument do you play? I always figured the priciest ones were violins, pianos, cellos, and saxophones. Don't ask me why saxophones. They're the closest to guns. All those latches, knobs, and, like, you know, long stuff.

Kidding. What do you play? Did you like the Glass piece? Or did you weigh in at some point and I missed your nom de guerre?

My only request: pick a name and stay with it. So we can respond in some context, not to a brand new stranger.


Not So Serious

Why so serious?  2013-01-23 11:35:00

The only thing we have left is our music?

While you men are all wishing for bigger and better guns I am keeping my eye on musical instruments, pretty spend y these days $$$, difficult to achieve high art without resources.

RL  2013-01-23 12:27:00

I actually fear .22s more than other guns. Rifles. We live in the country. I have a deerhound who looks like a moose or a direwolf or God knows what. It's jumbled, but I fear a very long-range shot that, like all .22s, keeps going and going and going. Because they carry so. I hear the shooting on weekends. So I have to keep him inside, on the couch. Where he was when the delivery men brought in a new couch. They never saw him. But they will never forget his voice. No doubt, what inspired Conan Doyle's little piece about the hound.

Joe  2013-01-22 11:07:00

I merely have an Armalite AR, because 1) it is the closest civilian equivalent to my old M-4 and 2) I live in the city, and if it was good enough for the Provos battling it out with the Ulster Defense & British Loyalists, then it is good enough for me.

In addition to that I have two Walthers, one a .22, and the other a little James Bond .380. The secondary safety mechanism is handy, especially when you're wearing conceal & carry. The prejudice against .22's is a bunch of gear-headed macho bull, much like what you encounter when people talk shop about cars or computers (i.e: mine is bigger and better than yours).

If I was going to get a Colt, I would go all the way back and get a Navy Dragoon piece. Of course you cannot conceal that (unless you're wearing a High Plains Drifter duster).

I miss my old SAW M249, which fired about 700 rounds per minute. I literally melted the barrel once during a field exercise in Germany.

Since we're talking hardware, want to see the alpha and omega?

RL  2013-01-22 10:42:00


Even with my specs on, I can't make out lots of print on video. Used to have 20-10 vision. Now it's more like 20-oops I'm 60 vision. No harm done.

(I did try to read the label... Just couldn't.)

Connertown  2013-01-22 10:16:00

Sorry to be a piano-nazi, but that's a Kawai. Not a Steinway.

But it is a beautiful piece and performance.

RL  2013-01-22 09:52:00


You mean the 1911s?

Wish I had one myself. My grandfather was a captain in the Rainbow Division in WWI. He kept his sidearm all his life. When he died it disappeared. I think his cousin got it or something. He denies it, but you know. With a double-length clip and a well-oiled tan leather quick draw holster, it would look like a malefactor's worst nightmare. Something I can only imagine. Sigh.

Oh well. I still have the trench knife. In my nightstand drawer. Right next to my granddad's, uh, Masonic ring. If anybody's thinking of getting stupid.

But if you know how to get one of those old Colts legally, please let me know. I'd be in your debt. Trench knives kill. That's all they do. A well-aimed 1911 can just wound. Much better. My wife prefers shooting tires, legs, and when absolutely necessary, heads. Makes me feel unarmed.

Kjell  2013-01-22 07:48:00

The creator and the performer. This pianist took a brilliant Glass creation and succeeded in making it more. Which is sheer artistry. (As is the RL description of her recital.)

Zero, in his inaugural address, attempted something similar -- reflect the brilliance of Lincoln (but with stolen lines, shards, fragments of the genuine). “The best inaugural speech in 50 years” gushed one prominent historian. The sun is now rising in the west. We are lost. The morons young and old are now in the majority and seemingly in control.

Only thing left is our music. And our grandfather's 45’s. Colt. Keep both of them close we will need them.

Joe  2013-01-22 06:34:00

This is going to sound a little like heresy, but as "The Hours" has been going through my mind, I kept drawing some sort of parallel between it and a far more prosaic pop song, first done by New Order, but done better by Frente, here:

Maybe there's something similar in the chord progression, or in the very female (without being overtly sexual) energy, but the Glass song brought it to mind.

RL  2013-01-22 04:09:00

All right. I was in too much of a hurry to end my day. I left out some things. Everything in this video is composed. Check out the mirror behind the keyboard, as if the piano's hands is playing duet with hers. Check the backdrop, both face and cross, the cross part of the face.

Also I might have been wrong about the page turner. Possibly also female. But who knows anymore...?

Anyhow. Watch while you listen this time.

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