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ErisGuy  2013-01-26 07:57:00

"When Obama took the oath for the second time, your children's lives were dimmed and reduced.Ē

And itís been a long time cominí, and the American people voted for it every step of the way. It is the culmination of their dreams.

None of this was imposed by conquest; nor were people tricked into it. They examined the arguments, looked at the evidence, and the majority of American people agreed: their soldiers were child-raping mass murderers; all white people are racists; all men are rapists; etc. etc.

urthshu  2013-01-23 05:03:00

Whole of it reminded me somehow of something

Alfa  2013-01-23 12:59:00

Tough old Scot. Enjoyed this post a lot. Didn't believe the sad crap part.

Madame de Stael  2013-01-23 12:00:00

Yesss, instapunk what that Sarahwoman wrote was pure dribble, terrible, but this should not make you feel overly burdened or leave you feeling desultory.

Search for the truth instapunk, for this is the most noblest occupation for man and be not afraid for there are more women like me out there then there are like Sara, you've just been hiding in isolation too long to know differently.

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