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Lake  2013-02-28 01:20:00

For those *really* tough to find posts, I have access to a full site backup that I could run a complete text search on, including posts, comments, everything.

Approaching 3 million, that's incredible RFL. Congratulations.

And now I have to start thinking of challenges for you. Have you ever written about... (here's where I pondered for several minutes!)... (here's where I gave up and just wrote this. Seriously, for everything of any substance that I considered, I could think of a post that at least mentioned it.)

The things you haven't written about? Maybe they don't matter.

Okay, here's one, what about the International Space Station? I just saw a great 25 minute tour of it. Let me run a quick search. NOPE, I was wrong - 3 stories about it. I found out that if you search with double quotes ("space station"), you can limit it to that phrase.

PS. Just because you're too lazy or arrogant (hmm), I'LL link to the first Instapunk book.

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