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Guy T.  2013-03-09 01:31:00

I'll try to find a way to see it. In a half-assed defense of The Sopranos -- which was the subject of one of my favorite IP posts, and in fact I think I'll go reread it after I've typed this -- the longer the series goes on, the harder it is to deny that the mobsters are monsters, comfort foods notwithstanding.

I'm currently in the beginning of the third season of Breaking Bad and it just keeps getting harder and harder to watch. Then again I'm the kind of guy who can't watch ice skating because I wince when they mess up. But, if you want a program that shows the dangers of heading down a dark path, even for the best of reasons, Breaking Bad fills the bill.

You might enjoy Netflix's House of Cards. It's got some fun dark humor, it's appropriately cynical about Washington, and (mostly) blessedly free of leftist advocacy -- in fact there's a whole subplot about teachers' unions saying "Gimme gimme."

The original House of Cards, from the BBC, is also enjoyable -- Ian Richardson, the protagonist/bad guy, is as mesmerizing as the story requires -- and faster-moving. It's actually much more left-leaning than the remake; the BBC's Francis Urquhart is a caricature of a conservative, while Netflix's Frank Underwood is a pragmatic Southern Democrat (and still quite evil).

jwillmoney  2013-03-08 08:01:00

Just finished the first 2 parts. Hardy is incredible..... the same raw power as a young Brando! The whole cast is quite brilliant.... have to still watch the last 2 though...

Peregrine John  2013-03-06 11:12:00

I've never understood the romanticizing about these parasites, human versions of lampreys.

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