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Sunday, October 24, 2004

Democracy -- Meaning Rule by Apes
For those following the Electoral Vote Predictor. As of 10/24/2004, it is Kerry 257 | Bush 254 a shift to nobody's favor from 10/14/2004 where it was Bush 284 | Kerry 228. Is anyone else getting totally sick of this discussion. I mean, DRUDGE actually has on his page today the following headlines:
Bush: Kerry Suffers 'Election Amnesia'...
Kerry: Bush Allowed Bin Laden to Escape...

Enough already -- let's just vote.

Some of you have expressed dismay over the title of these entries -- "How can you denigrate democracy by calling it 'Rule by Apes?'" But, we have a few questions for those who believe in evolution -- like, "If we have indeed descended from Apes, how can 'democracy' be anything but rule by Apes?" Or, "If we have indeed descended from Apes, how can there not be the possibility -- nay, probability -- that there will be yet another species, that may appear quite suddenly, that will be superior to what we now call, 'Men?'" Or, and this can never be touched upon, but here-goes anyway, "If we have indeed descended from Apes, how is it not possible -- nay, probable -- that there are some of what we call, 'Men,' that are superior (i.e., further evolved) than others that we still insist on calling, 'Men?'"

You see, this entire experimental form of governance is set upon the ridiculous notion that 'All Men are Created Equal.' As some report, this has been scientifically proven to be patently false. We have not been created -- equal, or otherwise. So, how is it that all "men" should receive equal rights under the law or equal standing in the voting booth? When superiority of some "men" over other "men" is as natural as losing your tail and developing an opposable thumb. All we are doing is marking time until the appearance of the Uber-mensch -- an idea introduced at the end of the 19th century that gained popularity in Germany in the late 30's to great shouts of, "Oh, my God." Or was it, "Oh, my random, meaningless universe?"

Note: The term "men" appears above in quotations not to emphasize sex, but rather species and should more appropriately and scientifically and rationally and objectively be replaced with the word, "Apes." But, we don't let "Apes" vote, so, "men" it is. For some reason. Shammadamma.

P.S. -- we are also looking for a pro-abortion writer to defend the constitutionally mandated fact that unborn children are not endowed with a few inalienable (that is English for incapable of being alienated, surrendered, or transferred) rights, like life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. We are not sure if we have ever read the treatise that established that these particular little apes do not have the right to life, or the right to liberty, or the right to pursue happiness, but we're sure it must have been written and reviewed by the learned Justices of the Supreme Court and we would like to have it all spelled out for us here at InstaPunk. Send inquiries to

Friday, October 22, 2004

Free Speech -- for some
Hugh Hewitt is crediting left wing blogs with the halting of Sinclair Broadcasting's plan to broadcast Stolen Honor -- Wounds That Never Heal. If you missed this little story -- there is a Glenn Reynolds' post from October 12th where everything was a "GO" for the airing of the documentary on Sunday, October 17th. The tone of which is interesting in that it sounds like there is no chance the objectors will be successful.

There is more (as InstaPundit calls out) at Just One Minute if you need more information.

Stolen Honor -- Wounds That Never Heal is the subject of all the consternation in the Kerry Campaign. Take a look at their press release regarding this 42 minute DVD. The phrase that stuck out to us was, " Sinclair Broadcasting Group: Consistent Anti-Kerry, Pro-Bush Programming." This terse phrase appears under the heading, FACT SHEET. H-m-m-m, what could that mean?

If you go to Sinclair's website, you will see that Sinclair's television group includes 20 FOX, 19 WB, 6 UPN, 8 ABC, 3 CBS, 4 NBC affiliates, and 2 independent stations and reaches approximately 24% of all U.S. television households. Given the programming of these networks, what could "consistent pro-bush programming" be -- Survivor?

You see, 76% of all U.S. households would not have been seeing Stolen Honor -- Wounds That Never Heal. So why would the Kerry Campaign be so freightened by the fact that 24% of U.S. households might get to see this documentary? Note, might. They could have been watching baseball, the NFL, some reality show, or Stolen Honor -- Wounds That Never Heal.

What to do? Don't you want to see this thing now? Don't you want to know what was so inflammatory, that the Kerry campaign did not want 24% of U.S. households to have the opportunity to see this documentary? Not even the OPPORTUNITY? Well, you can. And, we suggest that you do. You can go to Stolen Honor -- Wounds That Never Heal's website and buy the DVD. If money is tight, you can get a bunch of your friends to pitch in. Then, get a case or three of Mousehead and cook up some Texas Chili, put on the DVD, and have some fun. You can even invite Kerry supporters. They'll at least like the Chili and the Mousehead.

Defending the Defenseless?
This unsubstantiated report is too good, so I'm publishing it. You can do your own fact-checking because, well, I'm too busy, or just too lazy.

Influenza vaccine is produced by growing the virus in eggs. The virus is killed and processed to create the vaccine, which is given by injection under the skin. The body then produces antibodies to the virus over the next two to four weeks. If the immunized person then comes into contact with the influenza virus, the antibodies attack and kill the virus before it has a chance to cause infection. The vaccine contains the three most likely strains to be active during the "flu season."

Why the shortage?: Almost half of the nation's flu vaccine will not be delivered this year. Chiron, a major manufacturer of flu vaccine, will not be distributing any influenza vaccine this flu season. Chiron was to make 46-48 million doses vaccine for the United States. Chiron is a British company. Recently British health officials stopped Chiron from distributing and making the vaccine when inspectors found unsanitary conditions in the labs. Some lots of the vaccine were recalled and destroyed.

Why is our vaccine made in the UK and not the US? The major pharmaceutical companies in the US provided almost 90% of the nations flu vaccine at one time. They did this despite a very low profit margin for the product. Basically, they were doing us a favor.

In the late 80's a man from North Carolina who had received the vaccine got the flu. The strain he caught was one of the strains in that years vaccine made by a US company. What did he do? He sued and he won. He was awarded almost $5 million! That's $ 5 million US. After that case was appealed and lost, most US pharmaceutical companies stopped making the vaccine. The liability out weighed the profit margin. Since UK and Canadian laws prohibit such frivolous law suits UK and Canadian companies began selling the vaccine in the US. Besides, who would want to win $ 5 million CANADIAN?

By the way...the lawyer that represented the man in the flu shot law suit was current Democratic VP Nominee Sen. John Edwards -- can't you just hear him channeling the white blood cells incapable of halting the invading virus?

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Going to the Shore
Armpit of the nation. Trashy honky-tonk. The Sopranos. Thick accents. Bad food. T-shirt shops. Bad attitudes, rude people. These are just some of the things found in a new study of the Jersey Shore, affectionately known as, "The Shore." Jacqueline L. Urgo, in this morning's Inquirer (Source Archive) reports on Sanford Keziah's report on all things tourism. Kindred Keziah, Sanford's marketing and brand-strategy firm, prepared a whole 29 pages and reports that the Shore does not even show up among the top 30 places travelers would be most interested in visiting in the next two years. But, people go and the property values are soaring.

"Why do they go?," you ask. Well, as it turns out, it is close to home, it's affordable, and it's a family tradition. I didn't get the affordable part since you can fly pretty much anywhere in the world and pay for a hotel room for what it costs to rent a Shore home where you have to make your own bed and pick up the key at the realtor's office. And, don't forget you won't get your security deposit back if you don't clean it all up just right. What a bargain, but I digress.

There is also a new, updated catch phrase to replace the tired New Jersey and You: Perfect Together which just didn't seem to capture the whole experience, like the new and improved, America the Beautiful . . . only smaller which sounds like a joke, but isn't.

Make your reservations now. There are only twelve weeks to choose from and the first six have ocean temperatures below 68 degrees, so get in while you still can. Some people like to go in September. Why? Because there aren't any people there. That makes it much nicer.

Hockey -- which is an excellent way . . .
What? First team to come back from a 0-3 deficit, ever? What? That is not true.

I have never had time to watch the baseball playoffs with all the hockey I play -- but, not now because of the LOCK OUT (not STRIKE)! But everywhere I turn, they say the Reddened Socks were the first team ever to come from a 0-3 deficit in a playoff. Not true. I was on a team that did just that and then went on to win another Stanley Cup. I could not believe.

It was 2000, we were down 3 games to 0 with the Philadelphia Flyers. Then, we won four in a row and off we went to the Championship Game and won the Stanley Cup. I thought everybody would know that, but when I asked a guy at a bar if he ever heard it before, he said, "No." I didn't know what else to say, so I just left.

Puck Punk Dreams of Hockey Riots Well, we've meesed 234 games in just over a month of no hockey. I just cannot believe it. Why doesn't anyone want to see the hockey? Maybe after the baseball is over. Oh, but then there is the anyfell with all the football. I think that is over in January. Maybe then, the public will make an out cry and get the owners afraid of riots and violence once the Americans realize there is no hockey. Has there ever been a riot because there is no hockey? Soccer fans seem like they make themselves known by riots, I don't know about hockey fans. We will be seeing. Owners be careful.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

. . . Including Gigantic Mansions
Michelle Malkin takes pity on the Ketchup Lady. There is something endearingly treacherous about Ms Malkin's tone in this brief entry -- we mean that in a good way. There is also a link to the Kerry-Heinz-Kerry real estate highlights which reminded us just how in-touch Sen. Kerry is with us all.

Monday, October 18, 2004

Sex -- It's Completely Perfect
Warning: Not Appropriate for the Work House (only your living room at 8:00 p.m.)

We cannot stop bagging on Bill O'Reilly. It has something to do with the timing -- the meeting of his ever-expanding ego with reality at just the right moment. Jim Gilliam has taken the time to record and edit our favorite leprechaun and present what many of us have long suspected. As an example, The Phil Hendrie Show bills itself as "Fair and Balanced -- Without All The Porn," which seems to capture that special something that has us scrambling for the remote everytime The Factor gets into the really hard news of the day. So, without further introduction, we direct your attention to The Sweet Jesus I Hate Bill O''s special tribute to the O'Reilly Sex Scandal. Click on the "O'SEXXXY FACTOR" logo under the October 15th post for a five minute quicktime movie (Direct Link) of greatest hits.

Sunday, October 17, 2004

More Things for Your Computer
It is not often that The Washington Post gets us some information we can use. So today, may we direct your attention to a brief mention of Google Desktop ( Source Archive). It has been running here on the plantaion for about an hour or so and has indexed 31,784 files -- it does all this in background while you work. We can find things we didn't even know we had here. Fast. You can go directly to the Google site at for more information.

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