Sunday, May 23, 2004


Palme D'Or for Michael Moore

Moore tried his best to take a bow at the Cannes Film Festival

FAHRENÔUT 9/11. Basking in the uniquely French glory of winning a gold medal for "outstanding vitriol by an ugly American," Michael Moore headed for home today to begin a nationwide boasting campaign on behalf of his new movie.

In one sense he dodged a bullet. Fahrenňut 9/11 narrowly edged out the second place winner, Fallacie 3/11, a documentary by French filmmaker Phillipe de Grenouille proving that the recent terror attack in Spain was not provoked by Franco-European appeasement and corruption. The work drew ovations almost as long as Moore's, particularly in sequences featuring the animated disembowelling of George W. Bush and some of the longest anti-American screeds by French politicians ever put on film.

In another sense, Moore didn't quite dodge a bullet. Racing for his connecting flight to New York at Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris, Moore lumbered through the pride and joy of modern French architecture known as Terminal 2E. The ensuing disaster has been covered in detail elsewhere, but it can be reported that Moore suffered no more than a few "cuts and bruises."

Terminal 2E moments after Moore hurried through it

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