Thursday, June 14, 2007

"Earth to Michelle Malkin...!"

We repeat: Where's the Dark Matter?

YOU'RE NOT LISTENING. I appreciate that Michelle Malkin is working hard to cover the underhanded campaign in the U.S. Senate to pass a horrendous Trojan Horse of an immigration bill. But merely reporting on the dirty procedural dealings isn't going to prevent passage. That should be clear even to Ms. Malkin by now. No sooner had the bill been tabled after two lopsided votes against cloture than it sat up and began clambering off the table for yet another run at passage, as Malkin is reporting in gruesome detail today. So when exactly are her "Kill the Bill" efforts going to include investigation of what forces behind the scenes are really driving this insanity?

FACT: There's very little popular support for this bill, as Rasmussen has shown:

"Just 20% of American voters want Congress to try and pass the immigration reform bill that failed in the Senate last week. . . . Sixty-nine percent (69%) of voters would favor an approach that focuses 'exclusively on securing the border and reducing illegal immigration.'"

FACT: As this blog pointed out last week, the cabal of Republican senators backing the bill are tantamount to suicide-bombers. The personal (and party) political risks they're taking are so extreme and contrast so starkly with their years of total political cowardice before this that there must be something large, invisible, and incredibly powerful behind them calling the shots. It's not the President, as we also demonstrated last week.  The mystery is so profound that several pundits have finally realized there is a mystery:

InstaPundit: WHY THE RUSH ON THE IMMIGRATION BILL? I don't know, but speculation abounds. Hard to believe that enforcement could make this much difference, but if it did that would certainly undercut one argument -- that there's nothing else we can do -- for the bill.

Mickey Kaus: John Hawkins talks to a GOP Hill aide and gets some good-as-MSM tick-tock** on how the immigration bill crumped last Thursday. Hawkins then asks the aide "why he thought so many Republicans had been supporting such an incredibly unpopular bill." Three reasons come back... [But the answers provided are the same old nonsense,]

The Corner's Rich Lowrie (h/t Instapundit): Chertoff and Kyl both seem to have answered that question recently, Kyl in his Wall Street Journal interview and Chertoff on Fox News yesterday: because businesses are starting to worry about efforts to enforce immigration laws at the local level. One state in the vanguard of that effort is Kyl’s (and McCain’s) home state of Arizona, where the legislature has passed numerous laws (usually vetoed) on the issue, and where the public voted for Prop 200 back in 2004.

To me that says something far more ominous than that Congress is being disingenuous or naïve on the matter. Far from simple being empty promises, this amnesty bill is actually a blatant attempt to head off any attempts at enforcement at all.

But the question still isn't answered, even if this theory is substantially true. Both of Arizona's senators, for example, seem determined to annihilate their own political careers on behalf of these unidentified "business" interests. Things don't happen this casually in Washington, DC.: "Oh, I like business, so I'll cheerfully cut my own throat with no quid pro quo or threat involved."

If you want to stop this juggernaut, Michelle, find out who's really pulling the strings. If you don't, all your weeks of work on this topic will amount to no more than an autopsy.

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