Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Reader Photo Challenge:

C'mon C'mon

Mexico, USA

EL DORADO. All right. The politicians don't get it. Mostly, the affluent urban and suburban dwellers don't get it, either. You know. The people who aren't from a place but a station in life. Professors, pundits, plutocrats, priests, and, of course, politicians. The protected ones who never encounter Hispanics without advanced degrees. They see the immigration issue as an academic exercise, a philosophical issue, a potential bump in the road in relations with their gardener and/or governess.

This is your chance to show them what's really happening. Send us your digital photos of the Mexicanization of your home town. From all the towns nobody understands to be in peril. From Illinois, Massachusetts, South Carolina, New Jersey, Nebraska, Maryland, Indiana...

There will be no prizes. But we will beg, borrow, or steal enough bandwidth to post pictures from as many places as we hear from. Then we will forward the pictures to everybody involved in the attempt to pass the current immigration bill. Is that simple and clear enough as a strategy? We think it is.

Here's the email address for your photos: punks (at)

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