Thursday, October 04, 2007

Can I ask a question?

PSAYINGS.5A.19. What's with all this blogger defense of Rush Limbaugh? It seems like absolutely everyone on the conservative side of the aisle is weighing in to correct the record, expose the lies, and take down the offenders. Except me.

I haven't rushed to his aid because he doesn't need any aid. He's Rush Limbaugh. He's got the Golden EIB microphone, a complete audio record plus transcripts of everything he says on the air, and he's far better at lampooning his pitiful accusers than most of the well intentioned folks who are trying.

It reminds me of the movie Rio Bravo, which Howard Hawks made because he was so scornful of High Noon. He despised the idea of the town sheriff going begging from house to house to raise a posse. In Rio Bravo, John Wayne spends most of his time turning down offers of help. Because he's John Wayne.

High Noon: Well, he's not actually hiding behind those skirts. but...

Rio Bravo: "Say that to my face, senator."

When the smoke clears, I'm sure you'll find I'm right about all this. In the meantime, you're all missing the fun of watching the right's best gunslinger in action.

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