Thursday, November 29, 2007

CNN's Little Shop of Fakers

CNN "just didn't know" plants could be dangerous.

THE LEGACY OF ED. We refuse to get as outraged about this as some conservative commentators are. It's overwhelmingly funny that CNN's YouTube questioners at the Republican debate are being exposed one by one as activists in various Democrat campaigns or staffers for Democratic officeholders. It's even funnier that bloggers were able to discover these plants (five, six, and counting...) so quickly, sometimes just by looking at the YouTube home pages of the questioners. Even the Bias Kings at MSNBC are laughing:

Like Rudy and Romney going after each other over immigration last night at the GOP debate, MSNBC was taking some jabs at rival CNN this morning on the issue of the gay questioner who turned out to be a member of Hillary Clinton's campaign.

"Morning Joe" host Joe Scarborough scoffed at the notion that no one at CNN was aware of retired Brigadier General Keith Kerr's involvement with the Clinton campaign.

Personally, though, we do believe Anderson Cooper was unaware. There are times when that earnest young man really seems to believe he's an old-school TV journalist.

He seemed genuinely abashed. Just our opinion.

Well, now he gets to prove it. He obviously has some pruning probing and repotting reporting to to do. We're waiting anxiously for him to show the world why he really is the next incarnation of Edward R. Murrow.

We'd hold our breath while we wait, but that might be overdoing it. Who'd want to pass up all the pure and lovely oxygen being exhaled by all those CNN house plants?

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