Wednesday, February 13, 2008


DIES IRAE. So Brizoni had to make his tasteless joke about last week's tornadoes being caused by all the dimwits who voted for the false prophet Huckabee. Whereupon our whole server gets taken down by the Wrath of the Almighty, and the world is plunged into seven days and nights of darkness without the light of InstaPunk to show the way.

Well, actually, the cause of the downtime is more mundane than that. The socket driver spun out of control on one of those tricky microprocessor chicanes, resulting in a spectacular end-over-end crash of the IP interface. Or something like that. Something technical at any rate. Hopefully, the pit crew has now reassembled enough of the pieces so our grand journey together can continue. Be advised that some links and content may still be missing for a while, however.

We'll be doing our best to catch up. We'll backfill some of the missing days with posts that were written but couldn't be uploaded. We'll also be adding some belated commentary on a variety of nonsense that happened while we were offline. And we'll resume committing our usual crimes and misdemeanors in this space.

So check back frequently, and keep scrolling. Sorry for the lapse in communications.

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