Wednesday, June 23, 2004


Disgraceful Fun.

PSAYINGS.5Q.23. Catharsis is good for the soul, and sometimes it's good to go a little over the top to relieve the frustrations caused by events out of our control. Today we're going to do nothing more ambitious than have a little fun with terror.

First, just to remind us of what we're so frustrated about, here's an al Qaida recruiting and training video recently captured by the U.S. military.

Next, we'll give you an opportunity to prove how restrained you would have been if you'd been on duty in Abu Ghraib prison. You'll have every resource you need to demonstrate your virtue and kindness. Ready for al Qaidamon?

You've probably heard that some of the more pacific and enlightened among us are now pitching the idea of negotiating with al Qaida. Here's a movie that explores the possibility. It's called Diplomacy.

Of course, you may be one of the ones who just want to get a clean shot at the ultimate bad guy. If so, you might enjoy Bin Blaster.

And if you want to be your own special forces unit, you can wage your private War on Terrorism in four different scenarios, including a face to face, er, meeting with Osama.

But not everyone gets off on a little isolated shooting and killing. If you're really really disgusted with Islam, the middle east, and our loving allies the French, Da Payback is going to be just your cup of tea.

Finally, a little video feature you shouldn't watch if you blushed during Janet Jackson's Super Bowl performance. It's actually a good deal racier than that, but it's also quite funny. So weigh the matter carefully, then click on Taliban Women's Revolt.

If any of this offends you, we'd like to apologize, but we just can't. Instead, we'll give you some good advice. Get a sense-of-humor transplant and come back tomorrow when we'll try to be a little more dignified and serious.

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