Monday, July 14, 2008

What's Really Wrong with the Left.

Crawling on all fours is the new superiority. And the snippet of Mozart's
Requiem, btw, is not for Mr. Snow. It's for you who cheered his death.

LOOK AT YOU. It's tiresome and I don't want to write about it at all, but it still has to be said. The lefthand 30 percent of the political spectrum in this country is emotionally and spiritually retarded. They're the ones who celebrated the death of Tony Snow in the Los Angeles Times blog, they're the decision makers at the L.A. Times who approved such barbaric comments for publication on that blog, and they're the highly educated, meticulously responsible and objective journalists who will ignore the implications of this kind of disgraceful behavior by those who take loud credit for being the most tolerant, civilized, progressive, humanitarian, and intelligent among us. That adds up to a pretty sizeable percentage of the Obama idolaters in our nation.

This isn't about presenting a brief for Tony Snow. I knew the man only from his media appearances. That those who knew him personally regarded him as a kind, decent, and generous man is all the evidence I need for what I have to say, which has to do with the great liberal obsession about the separation of church and state. When your politics becomes your religion, your only definition of what is good and bad in the world, the separation you prize so ostentatiously is rendered meaningless. Unless you are prepared -- as all who encounter this philosophical cul de sac should, if they were honest -- to separate your own politics from all decisions of government. You are required to recuse yourself from participating in political policy decisions because of your political (i.e., religious) beliefs. You can't be trusted to participate in a rational process because your whole relation to that process is as irrational as the declarations of the most rabid cult member you've ever disdained in the sphere of religion.

That's why you so thoroughly misunderstand the Constitution and regard it as obsolete. The founders saw a necessary tension between the ideal of divine law and the inevitably imperfect adminstration of a human legal system. They counted on the former to discipline, chastise and reform the latter when it it inevitably went astray. A good example of such a divergence would be the conflation of rationally discrepant policy positions with a justification for wishing death and extreme physical suffering on mere political opponents. The founders relied on religion as a leavening influence, a transcendent mitigator of political fanaticism. The absence of this mitigating influence in sadistic lefties is proof that you are dangerous incompetents on all constitutional questions. You are American citizens by birth, but you are unworthy of the privileges carved out for you by wiser men.

There's another larger point to be made here. One that explains what many have regarded as an insoluble mystery. Why you are so quick to side against your own nation and with the funadmentalistic fanatics of Islam who are quite open about their desire to enslave your womenfolk, castrate and behead your gay mascots, and exterminate your right to disbelieve in anything divine forever. It's no mystery at all. You are two peas in a pod. For you, politics is religion. For muslims, religion is politics. The concept of any separation between church and state is as much an oxymoron for you as it is for them. That's the savage incomprehension you share which overwhelms what should be a world-splitting schism between you.

You are the same. Which is to say you've arrived at the same annihilating perspective by entirely different means. The muslims of Jew-hating jihad are historical prisoners of undeveloped consciousness. You are history's greatest historical cowards of consciousness, the ones who fearfully fled the responsibilities of individual conscience for an easy -- and false -- collective rationality that defies the logic of human nature and experience. You have chosen an anti-human evil and draped it in the hypocritical lies of rhetorical altruism.

Well, here is your prize. The reductio ad absurdem of your hateful humanism. Enjoy yourselves. It really is the truest incarnation of your philosophies.

But don't be surprised if the most of us fail to accompany you on your glorious new mission.

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