Thursday, July 31, 2008

Tomorrow's the Big Day

El Rushbo is much bigger than his critics and caricatures.

INSPIRATION. Over the years we've both defended him and criticized him, but tomorrow Limbaugh reaches a major milestone -- 20 years on top of the radio ratings. It's an amazing feat. He single-handedly resurrected the dead dial of the AM band and transformed it into a political weapon so potent that even today the party of ostentatiously blind allegiance to the First Amendment is plotting to silence him via Jurassic Park legislation reinvoking the infamous "Fairness Doctrine."

We want to add our special sauce to the celebration. So be sure to come back tomorrow and join our unique tribute to Rush. But don't be too outraged if we've figured out a devilishly clever scheme for making a few bucks out of the big day. Rush would be proud of us. It's called capitalism.

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