Thursday, November 06, 2008

A Cautionary Note
for the Victors

There are two kinds of people in power grabs. Which are you?

THE VERITIES. We know you're all happy and gloaty about now. And I have no intention of spoiling your fun. God knows you've waited for it long enough and will have very little time to enjoy it before your messah sinks hip deep into problems no first-time executive will ever be able to solve... BUT. Since nobody else is likely to tell you this, here's a tip that you might want to keep in mind.

There's an easy way to tell in any leftist political movement whether you're on the inside or the outside of the real power circle. It's an important distinction. Those inside the circle prosper and are elaborately rewarded for their participation. Those outside the circle are expected to shut up, go away, be completely ignored until the next election cycle, and look happy the whole time nonetheless.

Your side lives and conquers by the Big Lie.

For example, black people have been outside the liberal power circle ever since the Democrat Party adopted them to get Lyndon Johnson elected president. More Republicans than Democrats voted for the landmark Civil Rights bill in 1964, but Democrats convinced black people that they were the party of racial equality. Everything Democrats have done since has accomplished nothing but keep black people segregated, educationally deprived, and imprisoned in a destructive welfare-crime-victim mentality that systematically deprives them of real American opportunity while ensuring that racial resentments can never abate.

Close to half a century later, black people still regard equality as a remote and receding ideal. Why? Probably not directly malicious. It's just that others inside the circle had more influence and a greater command on party votes. Democratic allegiance to the National Education Association ensured that black Americans would remain trapped in incompetent public schools because vouchers were out of the question. Urban renewal projects that destroyed black neighborhoods and families looked good but served primarily to enrich urban construction contractors who always have their hooks into city hall and the necessary U.S. congressmen. Affirmative Action programs promised a brilliant future but merely extended ghetto segregation into the nation's best universities, where a brand new tradition of inevitable failure and demonstrated inferiority guaranteed yet another generation of dependency on the left's Big Lie that genuine racial equality was still, always, tantalizingly, just around the corner.

Are you starting to get it yet? No? You can tell that you're outside the power circle if you actually believe the Big Lies your side is telling and expecting you to repeat to anyone who will listen. Because inside the circle, the crafters of the lies know that they are exactly that and exactly why and how they are using them to their own personal benefit.

Do you believe the lie that George Bush went to war in Iraq, on his own hook, without massive Democrat support, based on worldwide intelligence that told the same story from nation to nation and spy agency to spy agency? Then you're outside the circle. All the Democrat power brokers know that this was a gigantically huge lie which they used ruthlessly to destroy the president of the United States and savage his foreign policy.

Do you believe the lie that the current financial crisis was caused by George Bush's tax cuts for the rich? Then you're outside the circle, because the Democrat U.S. Senators and Congressmen are well aware that their pandering on the question of "home ownership for the underprivileged" violated basic economic principles and generated a cancer that devoured the entire U.S. financial system.

Do you believe the lie that raising corporate taxes and imposing "windfall profit taxes" somehow helps average Americans? Then you're outside the circle. The truth is so simple that even left-wing legislators understand that corporate taxes are always paid, in full, every damn penny's worth, by average Americans, who pay the total costs of doing business in the prices they pay for goods and services. When the corporate tax rate goes up, prices go up. You pay them with every loaf of bread, every trash bag, every used car, every prom dress, every condom you buy. But they tell you the lie that they are on your side and are looking out for you when they raise taxes on all the entities and institutions which actually create jobs, meaning that there will inevitably be fewer jobs for average American like you. Why do they tell you such a lie? Because the more helpless and dependent you feel on their power to intervene via government on their behalf, the more likely they are to remain in power.

Do you believe the lie that all the problems in the world can be solved by being nice to foreign countries and leaders who openly despise and hate us? Then you are outside the circle. Everyone in power knows that whatever we did after 9/11 was bound to piss everybody off, friend and enemy alike. Because we're the rich uncle of the world. Meaning you are the rich uncle of the world, endlessly obligated to give and give and give to every poor relation who taps you on the shoulder with a meaning cough. What? You don't feel like a rich uncle? Why the hell not? Is it possible that foreign countries are like your obnoxious next-door neighbor? You know the one. He's entitled to play loud music in the middle of the night, every night, without rebuke, but if your poplar tree overhangs his side of the fence, he's also entitled to lop off the offending branches and kill it dead, without rebuke. Will appealing to his good side help? No? Then why do you believe the lie that Iran is more reasonable than your asshole neighbor?

Do you believe the lie that the biggest problems facing the world are global warming and American overuse of natural resources like oil and natural gas? Then you're hopelessly outside the circle. Nobody in power gives a rat's ass about potential crises that may take a hundred years to affect some modest percentage of the world's people. They care about them only if they can use your fear to increase their power, their own remoteness from consequences, and their authority to reach into your wallet for more taxes. They also know that if we use a higher percentage of the world's resources than anybody else, that's a net plus. We get the highest percentage return from it, meaning the greatest productivity, the most wealth creation, which drives the entire global economy. Or didn't you know that?

Do you believe the lie that the government really cares about your health, your healthcare, and your lifespan? Then you don't understand the circle of power at all. Have they outlawed tobacco and cigarette smoking? No. Because then they'd lose the incredibly onerous and regressive taxes they impose on cigarettes. They care about your healthcare only if it enables them to make more businesses -- insurance, hospitals, medical practices, pharmaceutical giants -- dependent on them for profit, permission, existence. That's what it means to be "liberal." Inside the circle, that is.

Your side is dedicated to only one constituency: power. If you don't understand that, you're outside the circle. Any good they do you is the sheerest accident, an unintended consequence of a strategy whose prime purpose is to maintain your pitiful dependence on their breathtakingly humongous lies.

Enjoy the next four years. Obama's inside the circle now. Where the hell are you? And more importantly, what the hell are you? You're the meat that baits the trap.

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