Monday, November 10, 2008

CoronationInauguration Notes

The perfect model for our national ceremony in January. There's
even a reference to Obama ("a bomb a...") exactly 2 minutes in.

BREAD AND CIRCUSES. Yes, it's getting hard to contain our national excitement. There's even a move afoot to make a national holiday out of Obama's birthday election day inauguration day favorite day. Fortunately, though, he's not getting distracted from the work at hand. According to his aides, he'll be ready to assume power.:

As we'd all hoped, The One will be "ready to rule" on Day One.

The job of preparing appropriate means of celebrating this world-changing event has been delegated to able underlings who, we're told, have some outstanding plans for commemorating the occasion. For example, who won't be looking forward to the race around the Washington Mall?

And the triumphant parade afterward, when the victor will personally receive his prize from the One? Glorious.

Meanwhile, more durable monuments to the relaunching of westen civilization are also already in progress. Christopher Buckley and Maya Angelou are both working on poems, and the first Obama administration public works project has completed dynamiting the face of the slaveholder Jefferson to make way for a new centerpiece on Mount Rushmore.

And planning for the party after the anointing is going well, too. We hear Emeril is going to build the world's biggest ever arugula salad (w/oil and vinegar dressing served in individual cups) to be accompanied by the world's longest ever phallus loaf of French bread. Kind of an Obammunion for us grateful masses. It's all good. Trust us. We're all going to be soooooo happy.

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