Wednesday, February 11, 2009

YouTube Wednesday:

"Conservative" Moments

Think of the Scandy subtitles as an added filip
highlighting American exceptionalism.

H/T NRO. Back when IP was doing his 25 American movies list, he referenced the fact that John J. Miller at the National Review was working on a list of 25 "Conservative" movies. It's being rolled out now for your perusal at The Corner, but more interesting than that list is a spinoff list at Big Hollywood of the "Top Five Conservative Moments" on film. I'm still not sure these are expressly conservative moments. They strike me as deeply American moments in the best sense, but I'll stop quibbling. Fact is, they're good and heartening at a time when we all need it.

I strongly recommend that you all go take a look at the Big Hollywood post and also read the comments section, where numerous other nominations (and links) are offered by readers.

Just to remain true to the spirit of the exercise I've posted a nomination of my own above. I'd do more but I'm sure you all have your own ideas, and I hope you'll share them along with your thoughts on everyone else's.

Meanwhile, I've got to run. Other voices, other rooms, don't you know

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