Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What to Do:
Fighting Back.

Hit the streets!

IT'S WAR. LIKE WE SAID. What needs to be done is simple. Learn from the left. LEARN FROM THE LEFT!

Pour into public places with a protest so huge even the Mass Media can't ignore it. Organize. Buy all the left wing radical books about protesting, and do everything they tell you.

I know it's not your way. You have a much more civil view of politics and democracy. But your country is being stolen from you under your nose. And it's happening really damned fast. The only remaining alternative is public protest.

Make signs. Organize rallies. Everywhere. For once, Michelle Malkin is right. But she's too tentative. Don't be afraid to point out who it is that's stealing our country. Have the guts to name names. The names to name are Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Frank, Schumer, Durbin, and Biden.

It's true that the nation and the world aren't used to protests from conservatives. That's our strength. If WE revolt, the world will cover the story even if the NYT And Time don't want to. Do you know what I'm asking?

Civil disobedience. Forget the castrati conversations of National Review, InstaPundit, and Ace of Spades. Forget blogging period. Forget the stylized carpings of Hannity and Savage. Hit the pavement with everything you've got. Brandish your signs. Spraypaint walls. Stop traffic. Overturn cars. Get arrested. Fill the streets with thousands of taxpayers. Force the local TV news stations to cover your protest. MAKE THE POINT.

Fight! Fight! Fight!

They're pauperizing you and your children forever. It's 1776 again. Do you get it? DO YOU GET IT?


You better.

In case you don't, here's the text of the Declaration of Independence. Read it from the standpoint of TODAY, February 18, 2009. Do you get it yet?


Now get to work. The left thinks you'll take it and take it and take it. They think they have months if not years. What's vital is to show them is that they don't have even days.


Make them scared. Of days.


And if InstaPunk doesn't like this, he can kiss my punk ass. Now get your sorry old JS ass in gear or don't EVER whine here again.

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