Friday, March 06, 2009


Himself. Taking up arms against a sea of troubles.

WHAT TO DO. I was disappointed in the comments on LocoPunk's call to arms. Giving up is not an option. We've posted some viable options here before, but it begins to seem as if surrender is built into your bones. OOOOOh well... Until I got this post from Jaytee. Which I'm reproducing in its entirety.

Some suggestions that have worked for me:

1. Stand up calmly for your principles, even in a strongly left/lib environment. (I'm in the media). As the facts are on your side, you'll eventually make a dent in SOME liberal craniums. I won grudging respect by bucking the global warming fanatics and predicting our current cold winter 8 months ago after reading the stories about disappearing sunspots. The CO2-centric idiots look foolish.

2. Challenge every PC grotesquerie that comes out of your kids' schools. When the elementary school tried banning every mention of Christmas at the "winter concert" a couple years ago, I gave them polite hell. They restored Christmas, if not Jesus, at next year's show. In a similar vein, when the America-hating teacher tried to indoctrinate my son about how great Castro and Communism are, I gave him nightly lessons to counter the tainted teaching. My son and his friends pushed back at school and the teacher was canned the next year.

3. Don't sit out elections in a pique over a single issue, be it abortion, McCain-Feingold or Palin's hair bun. McCain - or Romney for that matter - would be FAR superior to the current talking marionette in office. Remember how well Bush and Rove succeeded in creating a "permanent Republican majority" by bankrolling things like free Medicare drugs? Well, don't think Rahm-o-Bama will succeed any better in creating a Thousand Year Democratic Reich.

4. Don't kowtow to white guilt (if you're white). Just yesterday I attended a business conference in which the almost all-white crowd clapped for eons over a minor black success story. If you wouldn't clap the same for a non-black success story, it's blatant condescension. I only mention this because Obama's election is proof that this belittling attitute is rife. True racial equality means trashing Obama for the same offenses you imagined Bush was committing.

I'm also happy to post other advice in these perilous times. Thank you, Jaytee.

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