Thursday, July 23, 2009

Rumors of the Metalkort

Now, at a dog trot, we’re en route to the Metalkort, the punk name for the
New Market courtyard where all the important decisions affecting Punk
City and punk fiction have been decided since the day of that first debate.
-- Boz Baker, A Flourish of Razors

PROVENANCE. I think Taylor's last comment was complaining that the length of the punk writer entries is making it harder to find the action items of the Obama Resistance. He may have a point, although when the authorities come looking they might have the same difficulty. Word camo. With any luck.

Still, today's look back at the punks of Philadelphia's South Street area is designed to take up very little room on the InstaPunk page, although hopefully there's still much to dig through for those who are interested. As most of you know, has been down for over a year now, but courtesy of the Wayback Machine, a somewhat damaged and partial version still survives, including Harry's 'psongs'  about himself on the occasion of his 60th birthday, as well as the startling claim that The Boomer Bible predicted 9/11 in specific detail (search the name Elders). Here's the link to The Boomer Bible site.

And for our punk writer afficionados, here's a long-lost look at the real locations in which Punk City existed if it did: Rumours of the Metalkort. (and, no, the photographer is none of us; he was a member of the old forum, which appears to be returning to life. More about that later...) Only a few of the photographs are missing, which is kind of a miracle. Be patient with the loading.


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