Thursday, August 20, 2009

Rants Are Cool.

It's not the stone that makes it all possible; it's the water.

MAGGIE SOUNDS OFF. The subject of rants came up in our Comments section a few days ago, and we sort of agreed with JS, who said:

Ranting feels good, and also has many positive physiological benefits...

And we liked Maggie's fiery response to this IP post. But it's not the whole story. Rants are, in reality, like the skipping of the stone across the water, sustained by an enormous body of deeper thought rarely referenced in the performance itself. So, when we saw Maggie's rant, we thought maybe this was a good opportunity to show that 1) Rants aren't purely the emotional pyrotechnics they're usually dismissed as, and 2) This rant's not really telling us anything we didn't know already, in pretty excruciating detail. No offense, Maggie. Honestly. Loved the vibe. But we've been all over this, under it, around it, inside it, and completely on top of it for years. What did we do? We hyperlinked her comment. The first link isn't to InstaPunk. All but one of the rest of them are. We're the ocean of rage under your angry skipping stone. Just so you know.

O.M.G.!!!! That poor eagle is stranded on that drifting chunk of melting polar ice shelf! Damn you selfish humans! If only the United States Congress would take charge of every aspect of our very personal lives and restrict, forbid, and regulate our very breaths with a bill that makes things right ...

Our capitalist system has the natural means to flush and correct itself ... if allowed to. But the government over the last several decades has not permitted the natural course of such things. Worse, said government blob is about to cripple and stifle any proper and just failure, lessons learned, and innovations resulting from the process. They are putting us in straightjackets in securely locked padded cells with themselves and unelected lobbyists and czars as the nasty abusive staff of this putrid asylum. Soon we'll all be mercilessly slapped about, abused in our beds, starved, left in our own excrement, and loudly chided to just hurry-up and fucking die already.

We are experiencing a new generation produced from the previous generation that arrived from their parental generation that watched and lived through horrific economic strife and the threat of world fascism. Our generation and that of our offspring's are lazy from lack of want and the need to be useful beyond the limited materials at hand. We knew when we were leaving high school our next paths were either to continue on to college or trade school, find a nepotism placed position with a standing factory in our area, or look for a job we could climb the proverbial ladder in.

Today's generation expects, for some reason, that if they don't go immediately into either the MTV video line-up (NSFW) of music or an insanely ignorant reality show, the NBA/NFL/MLB, or pointless modeling on billboards while posing scantly clad, androgynous sexual partners ... well, then, there's just nowhere else for them to go so the government must assume the job of parent and provider for them and however many offspring they carelessly plant and bring into this society. They suffer from "Day Care" syndrome. All the country is a day care for them ... and all day day care.

Several years ago I saw an evening network news show (I'm thinking it was Diane Sawyer on 20/20 ABC) and she was sitting at a long table with teen girls who were either pregnant or had given birth out of wedlock. She asked them why they would do such an irresponsible thing so carelessly and willingly, and then expect the taxpayers via the government to provide for them and their babies/children (a girl or two/three had more than one child) ... One of the girls made an indignant snit back at her and frankly stated, "Because it's the government's job to take care of me and my baby ... I'll have as many babies as I want. They have to help me."

You have an inner city 'class' in this country where the parents of, say, a 15 yr old kid is roughly on average no more than twice that kid's age ... meaning THEY were parents at 15 yrs old. In most cases their own home situation was one of a single parent who more than not was the mother who also had more children from other 'encounters' outside that kid's sperm donor. For all Planned Parenthood's intended struggle to eradicate the "undesirable" lower class segment of our society (See; Margaret Sanger) their self-righteous goal not only fell flat on its face, but now exists only to justify itself by providing their butcher services to the middle and upper class wenches who are better educated and should be smart enough to use preventative birth control in their careless sex drives ... but have this 'safety net' of dehumanizing someone else's life in order to use abortion as 'birth control'.

This is just a sample of the mentality we are dealing with in this generation after ours, and the one they are currently producing. The 'power' has been lazily given over by the more capable, but distracted and complacent, members of society to the powerless who have no more of an idea of what to do with that power than a 3 yr old does with a space shuttle. The liquor cabinet was left unlocked and the drunkards are driving the damn bus. Unaccountability is an art form and personal responsibility has become obsolete, much like the way our body's appendix has, so it's "all good" we're told. They no longer need to think and discover for themselves. All they need are the golden celebrities to guide their politics through Che T-shirts, Chi-Com red stars, and bullshit blurry-eyed warnings of republicans making rape and slavery legal. They are blind to their own chains of ignorance while being raped by the self-important people who lead their very lives ... and the bigger movement behind those 'useful idiots' who would see our society/nation sacrificed for the cause of the collective hive of totalitarian Marxism. They walk joyfully into the fire ... and drag the rest of us with them.

Ashes leave no legacy behind for archeologists and historians to read, define and emulate ... or avoid.

Well, as I said, we don't always rant. But we are the waterfront.

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