Friday, September 10, 2004


Our Two Cents

We just watched the Dan Rather defense of the forged TANG memos. The document expert cited was one Marcel Matley. He looked about a hundred years old. Here's his bio:

Marcel Matley

Marcel Matley studied handwriting analysis with Rose Toomey and was certified by the Paul de Ste. Colombe Center. In 1985 he became a full time professional document examiner and has other interests in medical and psychological research, paleography, education, Western formal penmanship and Oriental calligraphy. He is the author of several published monographs and articles, taught private classes and seminars, and presented at conferences. The American Handwriting Analysts Foundation’s library, as well as a collection of more than 4,000 forensics and handwriting articles, is located in his home in San Francisco where it is available for reference by appointment.

Sounds like he knows tons about typewriters and computers. (No wonder he seemed to care about nothing but the signature.) He's also on a website advertising expert witnesses for litigation: we all know how objective professional expert witnesses are.

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