Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hating Sarah Palin

Newsmagazine? Really? REALLY? She says it's sexist,
I think it's great publicity: "Who's your Mommy?"
I mean, if we have to have a Mommy in the new nanny
state, I'll take her. Better than Hillary's Nurse Ratched.
I'm sure I'm not alone in this. Unless you're a liberal...

GOD SAVE US FROM 'SMART' PEOPLE. This isn't about her political prospects. We've written about those before and, like everyone else, we don't know what they are. We're skeptical about whether she's done, or doing, her necessary homework. And like Mrs. CP is about Rutgers and Ravens games, I find that I simply can't watch her various collisions with the MSM. I have to change the channel, invent a chore, or develop a sudden interest in the 161st NatGeo explanation of the Mayan collapse. So I guess I like her. I had a similar problem watching Reagan's dealings with the press in his second term and all of Ali's fights after the Thrilla in Manila. It doesn't say anything about their competence; it says plenty about my protective paranoia.

Like Ali, she's obviously tougher than my fears for her. So put all that aside. When I look at it clinically, I can sort of understand some of the hostility she attracts. Republican elitists think she's a fetching distraction who might guarantee a presidential loss in 2012 we could otherwise avoid with a safe choice like Romney (ugh). Democratic operatives are still smarting from the experience of seeing a mere woman from nowhere delivering the only telling body blows against Obama anyone scored against him in the entire 2008 presidential campaign. All of which means that she's a political force to be reckoned with, and depending on your own personal politics and ambitions, you might be understandably disposed to oppose her.

But here's what I don't get. Hating Sarah Palin. That's my whole point here. Think about it. Who do you have to be to hate Sarah Palin?

And through my general skittishness and protectiveness, I'm perceiving this as a major-league, big-time question. If you're a woman, you hate her because she's beautiful, famous, happily married, a devoted mother, and strong enough to endure an unending media assault indistinguishable for all intents and purposes from gang rape? Really? You hate her? WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU? What I know for sure: I don't ever want to be in your bed or have you in any part of my life. You're a cunt.

If you're a man, you hate her because she's beautiful, famous, happily married, a devoted mother, and strong enough to endure an unending media assault indistinguishable for all intents and purposes from gang rape? Really? You hate her? WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU? What I know for sure: I don't want you as a friend, an in-law, a colleague, a business acquaintance, or even the stranger sitting next to me on a barstool. If I knew you felt that way, I would never return even a business phone call, let alone shake your hand in a corporate conference room or play you a game of 8-ball in a local tavern. You're a worthless prick and probably a violent mysogynist suffering from -- what do they call it now? -- erectile dysfunction. No wonder we're all about 'texting' now. ED = PC. But a limp dick is a limp dick and infinitely more pitiful for being a partisan cause.

You want to tell me it's about politics. Politics? Politics? Hatred. Over politics.

I despise Barack Obama more than I've ever despised any politician. I believe he's a conscious enemy of the United States of America. I don't much like his wife either. But if Republicans did to Michelle Obama and her daughters what Democrats and "nonpartisan" journalists have done to Sarah Palin and her family, I would be outraged to the point of foaming-at-the-mouth fury. It's unspeakable, despicable, so far beneath contempt as to be inhuman.

So what does it really mean that so many highly educated and well connected liberals hate Sarah Palin enough to demand the right to inspect her uterus, endlessly republish Photoshop fakes of her in lewd circumstances, and denounce every single aspect of her identity as a woman, a mother, and a person?

I think it tells us who we're really up against. There's nothing liberal about liberals. They're an army of Stalins. They're all psychopathic impotents five-feet-three in the mirror, willing to slaughter millions to make themselves feel taller, smarter, more powerful, bigger. Men and women both.

You see, that's what a strong, capable woman does to both men and women. The insecure ones, that is. She makes them feel small, weak, and afraid. If you're a man, your dick shrivels. If you're a woman, you become a ravening, vengeful harridan.

Sarah Palin's most useful role, regardless of her political future, is as a litmus test. In her presence, otherwise civilized-seeming liberals show their true colors. Her very being exposes their dark oppositeness. She is luminously beautiful; they hate her because they are dark and ugly, soul ugly, inside. She is strong; they are vindictively weak. She is a mom's mom; they are at best, technically, parents. She is independent and vital: they are (co-)dependent and perversely in thrall to death. She is religious; they are lost and alone in a bleak textbook universe. She shoots guns and drives snowmobiles for fun; they are terrified of the outdoors and buy Priuses to alleviate a guilt whose source they can never acknowledge and never expiate without an act of suicide they have no stomach for. She is normal, ordinary, average but alight; they suspect they are ordinary too, except that they have no light. They are drab. They hate her.

Americans -- remember them? -- should be asking themselves what it means that a woman of traditional American values can be so reviled, so relentlessly, so unscrupulously, so take-no-prisoners viciously. She doesn't need to become president to perform an invaluable role. Why is she so popular in the heartland? Because she is us. A good-hearted ambitious American doing her best to offer her best. If they -- and who are they, exactly? -- hate her so much, then it has to be the case that she's only a symbol of the hatred they feel for all the rest of us. If ordinary average Americans ever figure this part of the equation out, the 'liberals' are done forever. I'm thinking Sarah Palin is making that outcome more likely.

I don't usually end on a minor key. But this time I will. Courtesy of Brizoni. He decided to explain Ayn Rand to you all since his elders had obviously failed at the task. His post reminded me that in Atlas Shrugged, there's a thirty or sixty page exegesis on the value of American currency because the symbol of the dollar represents a 'U' superimposed on the 'S.' So I'll close this rant with an altogether other observation: "U.S." is a far more direct reference to the people our government now wants to subjugate and control. Us.

Call it the Most Inconvenient Truth.

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