Monday, January 04, 2010

2010 Caption Contest

IT'S ALL ALWAYS ABOUT 'O,' ISN'T IT? So many things to talk about. In the, like, new year. All those sheer coincidences, like with the underpants bomber corresponding with exactly the same American-born jihadist who was so understandingly kind to the Fort Hood shooter. And the shutting down of the U.S. Yemen embassy at the same time the Obama administration insists it still intends to return Yemeni prisoners at Gitmo to -- wait for it -- Yemen. Or the obvious signs of disconnect between the Brits' MI5 and our own intelligence organizations, given Obama's entirely inadvertent newbie repudiation of the "special relationship" with the U.K. Or the lawyering up of the gonad-fried Nigerian who just might know something worth knowing about the who, when, how, and where of the next terrorist attack on America, meaning the, uh, THIRD such attack on our nation since the seven year hiatus coincident with the nastily incompetent Bush administration.

[S'pose we shouldn't mention this old irrelevant IP post:

When Bush leaves office, it will be like the marshal turning in his badge and riding out of Dodge City. It's the worldwide fear of how the United States will react that has kept the global pot simmering just below a boil. Even if they suspect that Bush won't call in airstrikes or a battalion of marines in response to a truly provocative act, they don't know it for sure. And so they hesitate, they think and think again, and then they wait. What are they waiting for? For Bush to be gone. As he will be in January 2009.]

'Course we shouldn't. So we won't.]

Or the awful coincidence that a mere foreign policy blow-up should distract attention from the incredibly compassionate totalitarian healthcare bill everyone hates but the Democratic majority in congress. Or the continuing erosion of scientific evidence for a climate-change-driven takeover of nation-state governments in favor of celebrity do-gooders and western aristo-autocrats who are determined to save us lunkheads from ourselves. Or the deliberately but spiriturally enlightened government-engineered collapse of capitalism, the U.S. job market, the dollar, and American credibility in international negotiations that will effect social justice for all the world's savagely violent barbarians. Why would the have-nots in the global population embarrass the well-intentioned O-Man in such an inconvenient and violent way? Coincidence. Unless it's conspiracy.

Sheesh. What's a poor blogger to do? How do you differentiate coincidence from conspiracy in a first entry after a major holiday during which nobody is paying much attention to anything?

After a break, it's always hard to leap back in with a relevant post that makes readers say, "Oh, they have been on top of absolutely everything even while they were sucking up turkey and stuffing and eggnog." Which is why I'm not inclined to accept the oh-so-moderate view of the perennially moderate Ed Morrissey when he says of the Biden-Obama snap:

Im sure that all is well between the two, and that this is just a fluke of photography.

He goes on, of course, to initiate his own caption contest. But I'm thinking we can do better than Hotair here. Consider it a chance to let loose your own dudgeon about events of the past year. After you weigh in, we'll ruminate on your input very carefully and then proceed, once again, to talk about what we want to talk about, as usual.

Except that I have, as always, my own caption to propose first:


Top it if you can.

Happy New Year, everybody.

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