Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Worth a Second Look

Who is the fuehrer?

REWIND. This clip has been kicking around for years now, re-captioned whenever some new disaster strikes the political scene. When Eduardo tossed this version into the Comments section, I didn't even watch it. Until today.

Now I think it's interesting. Why? Because 'Hitler' isn't Obama, which is what I'd assumed before I watched. He's someone else. Who? Maybe the editor or publisher of The New York Times. Maybe Harry Reid. Or George Soros. All of which means we're being asked to identify the real left-wing power structure that's pulling the strings behind the scenes. Besides which, the captioning is spot-on: deft, clever, and beautifully timed. It's a keeper, this one.

Part of my resistance had to do with the inefficacy of the Hitler analogy. Yes, I know that Hitler's national socialism was more left than right, but nobody knows anything anymore, and I guess I've been willing to live with that. Which leads me to a second Second Look recommendation. Glenn Beck's documentary "The Revolutionary Holocaust." I didn't tune in. To me it was all old, old, old. Good that Beck is educating himself about the most horrifying leftist regimes of the twentieth century, but anybody who pretends he doesn't know how it was is just lying to himself and everyone else, right?

Wrong. I should have known. The people who wear the Che tee-shirts have NO idea. Beck is right. The glaring, inescapable truth about these regimes has been suppressed, even at Harvard, Yale, and Berkeley. Soooooooooo depressing. But true. Thank you, Glenn Beck. What's that saying about how a child shall lead them? Can't remember it. But dead on in this case. DEAD on.

Even if you think you know the history, watch "The Revolutionary Holocaust." All of it. Then email the links to all the other people you know you think know the history. Admit right up front that Glenn Beck is a maniac. Then tell them to watch it anyway.

Like I'm doing here. You see, it's not as hard as it seems. Even a maniac can perform a public service. Like Glenn Beck just did.

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