Thursday, May 05, 2011


What I won't be watching

HE STILL DOESN'T. Neither of the big-ticket items today. Not the Ground Zero visitation by a president who couldn't be bothered to attend 9/11 ceremonies in 2009 or 2010. I gave him the credit he was due, but this is campaigning, cynical and exploitative. Sad for him that he's bungled everything after his initial speech, all the shifting and confused stories told by the White House staff, the revelation of electronic intelligence gathered at the scene that should have been kept secret rather than boasted of, and the refusal to release the non-secret that there's photographic evidence of bin Laden's death. Who paid for this hit? We did. Why can't we see what we paid for?

Likewise, not the Republican presidential debate being trumpeted by Fox News. I don't care what any of them has to say at this point in time, because it's just a circus or a beauty contest, your pick. Don't need to see them carping at one another when none of them has yet stepped forward to articulate a plan to fix what's wrong at home and abroad. And now they all seem generally timid about mentioning Obama's gross incompetence because he accepted a fait accompli on an item of old business brought to fruition by the momentum of a previous administration he blames for everything but cancer. Please. Campaign positions aren't terribly effective when all they make you want to do is throw up in disgust. Leave me out of it.

But I do have a suggestion about what you can watch. Granted, you can't watch it today, as I did, because it's already been aired for the only time today, but you can at least look forward to it. (Netflix has it.)

It's a movie called Doomsday. Sound appropriate? The Comcast blurb for the FX showing promised a combination of 28 Days Later, The Road Warrior, and Escape from New York. Right. Except that that's exactly what it is. The cast includes Bob Hoskins, Malcolm McDowell, a gang of barbarian Scottish punks, some medieval knights, a Bentley Mulsanne, a Brit who looks like he could be Denzel Washington's earnest younger brother, and a kick-ass action heroine named Rhona Mitra (who also had a role in Stargate Universe). It won't be  for everybody -- what with a couple of decapitations and some incidental cannibalism -- but it's the kind of dark dystopian picture the Brits still do so well.

And it's the kind of picture that suits my current mood. Check it out. Maybe it'll cheer you up too.

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