Friday, May 13, 2011

Haircut today

Still as true as it ever was.

YOUTUBES EXPIRE, LOVE DOESN'T . When I left the barber chair, one of the female stylists stepped out and said, "You look like a new man." I thanked her. Then she announced to the entire shop, "He just got his semi-annual haircut."

True. It's a bright sunlit place. I hate their mirrors. While I'm getting my hair cut there, I confront an old man in every pitless detail of time's toll. Not such a big deal. I am old these days. But my shaving mirror is kinder. It lets me feel maybe 40 instead of nearly 60.

I was going to cut grass today. I hope and trust Mrs. CP will forgive me that I didn't. I plan to cut tomorrow, before the universally predicted rain.

But I still look better than Tom Waits. Marginally.

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