Friday, May 27, 2011

WASPs and
Other Female Patriots

They flew everything.

MORE THAN ONE WAY TO SERVE. Memorial Day is upon us again, and I'm thinking, particularly this year, it's time to remember the women. Why particularly this year? Because despite the supposed progress of feminism, it's clear that the most "progressive" among us are the most blatantly misogynist. We've just had the latest incident in a long line of incidents designed to make it clear that when it comes to politics, the operative progressive principle is as benighted as the ancient cliche "barefoot and pregnant." Conservative women are fair game for every low, sexual insult a progressive man (or woman) can aim at them. And TA DA, it's all okay. The apology is done with a wink we can infer from the incredible, ongoing sexual belittling by the left that has accompanied, like a bad smell, the political activities of Michelle Malkin, Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Laura Ingraham, Ann Coulter, and others. Let's not kid ourselves. At times the raging abuse has amounted to a kind of rape, naked hope for death, or an invitation to murder. And women are as much to blame in this disgrace as men.

What does all this have to do with Memorial Day? A lot. Women patriots have a harder time generally fulfilling their love of country. They're hopelessly second string or worse, bench sitters, in the U.S. military, and when they dare to run for office or argue policy in the media arena, they are wide open to assaults that always somehow find their way between the legs, with, as I've said, the complicity of other women. Moreover, they're subject to immediate drastic censure if they respond in kind. They're expected to be ladylike throughout -- something akin to the age-old advice that if rape is inevitable, you might as well relax and enjoy it. Does Laura Ingraham respond to Ed Schultz by telling him she'll cut his balls off? Does Sarah Palin inform Andrew Sullivan that if he makes one more comment about Trig, she'll give him a buggering that will turn him celibate for life?

No. They're still obliged to be ladies, no matter how coarse their male and female slanderers are. Which is why, on this particular Memorial Day, I'm thinking of the World War II WASPs.

You can read their official history here. They ferried planes all over the world during WWII, six million miles worth, freeing up male pilots for combat. Their contribution to the war effort was finally honored with a Congressional Gold Medal in 2010. But I'm not thinking about official history today. I'm remembering what my dad had to say about the WASPs.

He marvelled at them. They were skilled pilots, brave and hard as nails. They also, in his words, could outcuss any man in the Army Air Corps. He told me, "They used language I'd never heard before."

Funny, huh? Look at these sweet old ladies at the White House. They'd never say a bad word, would they? Sure, they would. And did.

So, I'm thinking, have we actually regressed from 1944 to 2011? I'm sure their brassy personas were a response to being knee deep in a man's world. But isn't that the same situation women in politics are faced with today? Maybe the WASPs have a lesson for our conservative gals. (er, that's an old World War II term.) Fight back. Go ahead. Cut their metaphorical balls off.

And, yeah, sorry. Memorial Day should be more dignified than this post. But I'm not feeling very dignified at the moment.

Remember the women along with everyone else this year. All I'm saying.

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