Monday, December 05, 2011

Relevant Older Posts

I wrote about this back in 3/08. Here's some reporting. What I notice
is that the archaeologists keep referring to it as the oldest temple on
earth. They omit that it's the oldest grand architecture of any kind.

. When I look back at my best or at least most provocative and interesting posts, I generally find few comments. Oddly, the bigger ideas are generally ignored in favor of more topical subjects, as if big ideas can never be more than analogies in need of reduction to a more practical framework.

That's fine. People seize on what they seize on. T'was ever so. But then I'm asked for new explanations of ideas I've written about abundantly, if not always in the most topical of terms. Sometimes I'm in the mood to reinvent the wheel. Sometimes I'm not. Today, not.

Here are some posts that might deal with questions I've been hearing of late. At worst, they'll sharpen your questioning to a level that doesn't require me to recreate the universe and all of history to provide context for my views.

Did I mention the Jesus Factor? Oops. I guess I did. Maybe this made me think of it today. With friends like Howard Portnoy, who needs enemies? Who is it exactly who wants to string up Tim Tebow for being too good to be true (Billy Graham & family bad, Ahmadinejad okay)? When did being an evident innocent become a mortal sin? When the world is so full of thugs and killers and haters who don't pray on the sidelines but preen and pose and perorate on the field of play...

I also thought of this.

Good intentions will kill you faster than bad intentions every time.

Billy Budd isn't the United States. No way. We don't let ourselves get strung up for other people's sins. No way.

(To whom it may concern: Billy Budd was a thing called a novel, written by an ancient American ne'er-do-well named Herman Melville who was inconsequential because nobody at Beloit College has ever heard of him or knows half the words he uses. They're all bravely pointed at the future unimpeded by baggage from the past.)

Are we clear? Helk? Skinny Devil? Just trying to helkhelp.

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