Monday, March 05, 2012

The Dregs of Winter

Wait for the one right moment. In November.

OBAMATRIX. February and the beginning of March. Never been good times for me. If I'm going to be sick or depressed or misanthropic, this is when. The sun is always pale and without warmth or life. The soil is dead. It's the annual equivalent of three o'clock in the morning, the hour when hope succumbs to fear and dread.

I thought it was just me. Right now, it seems to be the whole conservative constituency. George Will has given up already on winning the presidency. Rush Limbaugh has made a tactical retreat from an excellent truth. One of our foremost champions is suddenly dead. The skewed, made up polls showing Obama as favored for reelection continue to flow from every corrupt vein of the MSM, including Fox News, which seems equally dedicated to demonstrating conservative illiteracy in a constant bleed from the zippers written by its Bible college interns who can't spell, read, or understand anything. While a former weatherman conducts interviews with political newsmakers and responds to their responses with "exactly" and "absolutely," as if he has been somehow entrusted with passing judgment on what right-thinking people say. And the Fox News equivalent of Christiane Ammanpour, who shows up everywhere around the world with her revealed truth, is the weatherman's son, who graduated from Villanova two weeks ago. Rick Santorum talks about wanting to throw up. He doesn't know the half of it.

They ALL want us to lose. Even our so-called allies.The most important and pernicious part of the fabric called 24/7 news is its nowness. Something happened today. The vultures of right and left will descend to tear into the carcass of today because every carcass is like every other carcass, something to be chewed and digested and regurgitated as if all dead bodies everywhere are always the same. We can masticate it all equally, deliberately, rationally, cleverly, insightfully, and never mind the stink.

24/7 hides time itself. 2012 is vastly different from 2008. Our country is plummeting like a rock. Four years ago, millions upon millions of people were not demanding to be bailed out of every unfortunate happenstance they encountered. Now there is no unfortunate happenstance that does not incite a demand for a bailout. Limbaugh was right. If you can't afford to pay for your own sex life and think the taxpayers owe you a bailout simply because you have appetites you don't choose to moderate, you are a kind of prostitute and the United States is dead. If the MSM can seriously pretend that this economy is turning around when effectively 15 percent of us are unemployed and that that somehow favors Democrats because there are more lower income people now who appreciate government largesse, the people have become parasites and the United States is dead.

Stop. Imagine that someone had told you this would be the national discussion four years ago. You would have laughed.

How far we have fallen.

What happens when there is no president. Dozens of people died yesterday in tornadoes in the midwest. Is Barack Obama there? No. Is the MSM asking why not? No. Not his job. Nobody expects it anymore. Anymore than they expect him to stop the ongoing implosion of the middle east, whose barbarian hordes are disintegrating into an Armageddon the United States once held valorously at bay. What's different? The United States is playing golf and celebrity venues. While the world burns. The leftist dream. When all prosperity dies, we can all share equally in the misery of social justice -- knives, bombs, rapes, murders, and perfect moral relativism. And a leader with a Mussolini jaw. They didn't vet him four years ago, and four years in, they atill aren't. It's criminal. But infinitely worse in 2012 than in 2008. Who the fuck is this guy? They owe us an answer to that question and it has never once occurred to them that it's their journalistic responsibility to answer that question. There is no longer any such thing thing as a profession of journalism in the United States. Another reason the United States is dead.

But spring is coming. I haven't been watching the news, not even Fox News Sunday. I hate all the Republican candidates. I'd tell that to any pollster who called. But when November comes, well, that's what I'm waiting for. I don't care if Romney is a phony. I don't care if Gingrich is a beast. I don't care if Santorum is a nut. I will get to the polls if I have to crawl there on my hands and knees. To vote this idiot pipsqueak out of office.

I don't care how ugly it gets. And it will get incomprehensibly ugly.

In the interim, you can keep all your punditry and polls and pontifications. I know I'm not alone. The smart ones are all talking, talking, talking, as if it mattered. I'm just waiting.

To cast my vote against the man who would not be president.

That's when winter ends.

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