Thursday, March 22, 2012

Democrats vs.

It can't be. It just can't be. Because we're too smart. We'd have seen it already.
And besides we know that everybody in politics is exactly as lousy as everybody
else in politics. Because we really really hate our Republicans. Don't confuse us.
We're the smart ones. We know shit. We do. And we hate Rockefeller Republicans.

THE HOWDY DOODY FACTOR. I listened to Rush Limbaugh today, which I only do at odd intervals anymore, because he reminds me of me. He's not so funny anymore. He's angry, frustrated, alarmed, and openly acknowledging that even his own talents are unequal to conveying the immensity of the threat to our republic. He didn't take a call in the first hour. He was, almost desperately, trying to drive home the significance of Obama's announcement today that he will seek to remove the bureaucratic barriers to building the lower half of the Keystone pipeline.

I won't reprise all his arguments. Just a select few that are responsible for his sense that he hasn't, that no one has, done enough to expose the rank, blatantly arrogant and cynical dishonesty of the president and his cheerleaders in the press. Just yesterday, the president dropped the line "there is no silver bullet that can bring down gas prices" from his energy stump speech because today he is taking credit for the Oklahoma to Texas portion of the Keystone pipeline, which he never had any power to stop since it is a separate project from the international Canada-to-U.S. portion and was going to be built anyway. The president has no authority to halt pipeline projects within the U.S. But here he was, claiming that he is blazing the trail to oil independence. And in the same speech, he is still claiming that nothing we do in the U.S. can affect world oil prices. So he wants credit for something he insists can have no positive effect. And anyone who says otherwise belongs to the Flat Earth Society. The drip-drip of contempt he feels for all those of us who feel more U.S. oil means a corresponding decrease in dependence on foreign oil is acid. But he's taking bold decisive action for the American people we should all admire. Logical mindfuck.

By the beginning of the second hour, Rush was actually sputtering. How can anyone not see how coldly calculating and scruple-free this president is? How can the state of journalism have fallen so low so quickly that there is literally no one in the mainstream press who isn't in the tank for whatever he says? His lies are obvious, directly linked to polls, and not only not vetted by the MSM but positively sustained with manipulated facts and made-up confirmations. He even has the nerve to blame external factors which are directly his responsibility and which he has ignored from day one -- like the instability in the mideast associated with Iran and the Arab Spring he has done nothing whatever to address.

Rush went so far as to threaten to do his first hour all over again, backing off only because he knows it would become boring.

How I feel when I get a comment like this:

Your main point? That Obama needs to go, or that anyone who is " blind and ignorant and selfish as to piss on the future of your nation and its children..."?

Given that we (seem) to agree that this happens on BOTH sides of the aisle by both politicians and voters, would you be so willing to agree with the following sentences?

"I think people who voted for Bush in 2000 committed a mortal sin. They can be forgiven if they confess and make atonement. People who still defend and support Bush are actually evil. I cannot be their friend on any level, and there is no excuse -- be it ignorance, folly, or miseducation -- that can possibly make it right."


"I think people who will vote for Santorum OR Romney will be committing a mortal sin. People who still defend and support Santorum OR Romney are actually evil. I cannot be their friend on any level, and there is no excuse -- be it ignorance, folly, or miseducation -- that can possibly make it right."

Nah...probably not. Even though they are just as guilty of ignoring the constitution when it serves their purposes and wave it proudly when it serves them.

So why not?

Just because they (Santorum, Romney, & Bush) are LESS "evil" in some way? Or because their detours from the constitution are somehow OK? Or maybe "a fait accompli makes morality go away"?

Way I see it (and what the fuck do I know, I'm just the guitar player rubbing 2 pennies here), whether it's Obama's destruction of the constitution or Santorum/Romney's destruction of the constitution, the constitution ends up destroyed.

Romney doesn't spell victory to me. Ditto Santorum. They might just slow the slide by patching the hole in the Titanic so that it slides a tad slower into the murky abyss. The economy will at least superficially improve, so I guess we get to drink champagne and eat caviar in the penthouse as the country burns instead of swilling cheap gin and munching Cheetos on the bumper.

That the plan?

Nah....I don't like those scenarios at all.

Yeah. Everything's all the same. Right? That would be the left wing argument, wouldn't it? Every sin is equally immoral, and so the right response is to condemn everyone and go stick my head in the oven.

Here's what one brave moviemaker -- one with a lot to lose -- is prepared to do:

Director Steven Spielberg, who donated more than $87,000 to the Democratic Party in the last election cycle, has a co-producer who feels a little differently than he does about President Barack Obama.

Meet Gerald R. Molen: Spielberg’s co-producer on Hollywood blockbusters such as "Schindler’s List," "Jurassic Park" and "Minority Report." Molen is the driving force behind “2016,” a documentary -- based on "The Roots of Obama's Rage," a book written by Dinesh D'Souza -- about President Obama scheduled to hit theaters this summer.

Molen promises, that like D'Souza's book, the film will take viewers deep into the heart and mind of our president, a leader he contends is unique in the course of our nation’s history because of his far-left radical views.

The film’s trailer debuted at CPAC 2012 earlier this year and was followed by a moving speech by D’Souza himself. The film's, as explained by D’Souza, is simple: Obama is not a traditional Democrat like Bill Clinton and Michael Dukakis. Nor is Obama akin to left-wing liberals such as John Kerry or Jimmy Carter.

Traditional liberals, D’Souza explained, only want to redistribute wealth within America. Obama, he says, wants to redistribute America’s power among smaller nations throughout the world.

Why? D’Souza explained that Obama is literally trying to fulfill the title of his book, “Dreams from My Father.” Obama’s father, who was Kenyan, viewed the world from an anti-Colonial perspective. Molen says Obama now wants to use his power as the American president to rid the world of colonialism … starting with downsizing the very power of the U.S.A.

D’Souza explained the premise further:

What is this anti-colonialism? It is, in fact, the most powerful ideology in Asia, in Africa, in South America, in the past 100 years. If you want to know why there’s anti-Americanism around the world, it’s not just because of Islamic radicalism - that would help to explain it in the Middle East. It’s anti-colonialism.

The anti-colonial ideology very simply says that the world is divided into the oppressors and the oppressed. There is the West, now led by America. Then there are the poor people led by Asia, Africa, and South America. The anti-colonial ideology is that the rich countries got rich by invading, occupying, and looting the poor countries. The ideology says that to fight against all of this, you have to put a leash on the rogue elephant that is America. It also says that there are concentrations of economic power: The banks, the insurance companies, the oil companies - this is the economic wing of colonialism. And what you have to do to fight this is to use the power of the state to control it.

Molen named his film “2016” because he’s attempting to demonstrate what America and the world could look like if Obama is re-elected. And that, Molen and D'Souza believe, would be a dangerous thing for those who want to preserve the American dream.

D’Souza told the crowd that Obama's second term would mean the president "won't be tethered to public opinion, he won’t have to run for re-election again, he will be truly, in a sense, a free man in the White House to do what he wants.”

Molen’s “2016” is scheduled to be released nationwide this summer.

And don't trot out the "lame duck" argument. The first term has shown that Obama is adept at and devoted to bypassing the congress, the courts, and every other constitutional constraint to govern by 'czar,' edict, and regulation.

But Republicans are as bad as Democrats, so we might as well fold our tents and go home. Give me a break.

What I'm beginning to suspect about the dismal pessimists on our side is that the smarter they are, the dumber they are.

The Democrats have succeeded in creating an elite political class that owns the media, academia, the federal bureaucracy, and the leadership positions in their party's congressional caucus. The Republicans in congress are the dumb ones who didn't do what most capitalists do -- make prosperous and rewarding lives in the private sector. (My answer to the question, "Why do so many Republican congressmen have bad hairpieces?")

Are Republicans occasionally corrupt, gullible, and inept, so much so that they constantly play into their opponents' hands? You betcha.

But that's the good news. The Democrat political class -- Kennedys, Rockefellers, Byrds, etc -- want to rule us all. The Republicans want to get reelected. Which would you rather have in charge of the federal government?

Republicans may misunderstand parts of the constitution, but they revere it and will obey when the rulings go against them. Too much, it can be argued, but that's also why they never seem to understand the danger of Democrat nominees who want to junk the whole thing in favor of their own unique ideas of 'social justice.'

Our presidential candidates are all dumb in the same way. They never seem to fully comprehend the danger of a political class that outwits them at every turn and always makes them look like idiots. Which they are.

They're our best hope. Don't you get that? You're all pissed off because Gingrich is so smart he keeps sounding like he's a charter member of the political class. And everybody else has been a flavor of the month -- Cain, Perry, Bachmann, and now Santorum --all dumb as rocks. Except Romney. Who's maybe not as dumb as he is clueless. As if he thinks the presidency is the kind of national CEO Calvin Coolidge saw it as and flatly fails to understand the need for vision, fiery rhetoric and something called charisma. He thinks we're hiring a federal accountant, and accountants are supposed to be meticulously polite.

If you want smaller, more limited government, wouldn't you actually prefer the dumb ones? Balance the books, you dummies. Leave vision to the private sector. We can handle dreams of the future on our own. They don't suffer from Napoleonic fantasies. They don't have the gravitas for it. And maybe they have the humble decency not to dream in that particular direction.

I'll close with an item of pure triviality. I've written before about P.G. Wodehouse, a genius who was always regarded as a personal mediocrity except for his purely entertaining, apolitical fiction. He did a series of golf stories, usually involving indifferent golfers who needed a match-play victory to win the hand of a girl. One that comes to me now is the story of a young man who had a notoriously volatile temper and was faced with playing his potential boss for a CFO position he needed to, uh, win the hand of his girl. He tried manfully to contain his temper, but a series of unlucky shots resulted in his tossing his golf clubs into a water hazard and stalking off the course.

Professional and romantic prospects in ruins, he waited in the clubhouse for the verdict of his once-intended boss. Who said, "My boy, there's no way you could ever steal from me and my firm. I can see every flicker of emotion on your face. Congratulations! You've got the job."

Deep down smart comes our way once in a long while in the political arena. How we got Ronald Reagan. We had Sarah Palin, but we stood by and let the media gang rape her onto the sidelines. Until we get another smart one, dumb and transparent will have to do. Which is far far better than evil. Unless you'd rather suck your thumb in the dark.

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