Friday, April 27, 2012

Indicators of God

Me. Because it's me that's saying it.

KIDS ARE STUPID. I'm pushing sixty now and I keep backing off to the big picture. I think about the fact that our president is almost a generation younger than I am and he is obviously pissed off at everything that made him what he is. Whereas I don't care that much about myself anymore and am pissed off thinking of those who will have to come after and live down our mistakes.

This is the great problem of secularism. Of atheism. Why Europe is dying. They're not producing a next generation. Their belief in God has died and they are living for themselves, which is why they can't abide austerity programs to save their economies and cultures.

Why so-called liberals in our country are prepared to hurl us back into the pre-industrial age in the name of preserving the earth for those species who are not cursed with consciousness. They'd prefer it if four billion people died and the survivors lived like Stone Age hunter gatherers. The Obama administration isn't that draconian. They want to roll back time to the early twentieth century, when we had just enough electricity to power our flush toilets.

It is, obviously, the old, nay, the ancient, argument of original sin. Human beings are inherently and uniquely a sin against creation itself, greedy, racist, etc, to the point that only sustained penury can ensure sufficient atonement. Every other form of life on earth is justified in what it does to survive. But not humans. We are the sole villains of a universe that somehow has no meaning. And the villainy can actually be specified to originate with the white people who invented conquest and capitalism.

This isn't philosophy. It isn't science. It isn't the total fiction called social justice. It's pure nonsense.

Obama isn't a Christian. He's Spartacus. He wants to hurt what he thinks has hurt him. Which is kind of the opposite of Christianity. And to the extent you let him continue in that mission, you aren't a Christian either. You're just beta and gamma predators yourselves who are content to be ruled by an alpha wolf.

The continuum of human civilization depends on the belief in God. That's the first indicator that God exists. Without belief in God, people feel no need to mitigate their own material demands on behalf of their children. Children themselves become ancillary, their upbringing subcontracted to others, their needs subordinated to egotistical displays of how very very much we care for them. As opposed to actually raising them to be good citizens themselves. So we raise crap and our species dies slowly away.

Without some concept of divine justice, we're back to Atlas standing on an unsupported turtle while he holds up the world. No reason why all of us shouldn't be ravening wolves. But it's the secularists who insist, wrongly, that they are something other than brute survivors.

Can't tell you how many movies and TV shows I've seen of late in which parents break the law to cover for criminal children. This is held to be a great virtue, a kind of triumph of parenthood. It isn't. It's nothing but the alpha of the pack protecting his young. This is my pup, I matter above all others in my pack, and therefore I will do anything to ensure his survival.

I can look like this too. But when I do, I have an idea in mind.

I can tell you with absolute certainty that if I had confessed a murder to my father he would have informed the police at once. He would have testified against me while paying for my defense and he would have visited me in prison up to the day of my execution. And I would have understood. He was a human being, not a wolf.

Interestingly, wolves are called an "indicator" species. They don't adapt well to change in their environments. Why there are (way) fewer than a million wolves alive in the world today and more than 100 million dogs, the supposed offshoot more notable for altruism, loyalty, and, well, love than any other species.

Imagine 100 million wolves. Imagine 6 billion. I'm thinking they wouldn't be straining to find ways to save endangered human beings if the circumstances were reversed.

I'll resume this discussion later. There're far more than one or two indicators of God. But start thinking about the question on your own. I'm thinking we're being asked to consider this question more deeply than we have for a generation. Independent of all our usual cliches.

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