Thursday, May 03, 2012

North Korea,
American Style

We have a pipsqueak in charge propped up by a useful idiot press.
I'm pretty sure he is lonely. His wife can't even look at him. Sad.

SOME ARE STILL FIGHTING. Like all of you, I have my dark days. Today is one. My commenters can't be bothered to comment on measures that could actually help win the most important election in U.S. history. Okay, then.

Why should I care? It's William O'Blivion who thinks it's all done and finished, except that he was willing to keep fighting with an Obama vetting site. While Brizoni can only be tempted out of hiding by an implied insult to his precious atheism.

Got it. It's all done. America is lost. So enjoy with me the irony that the closest approximation to the current American political scene is North Korea.

In the eyes of the NYT and the rest of the MSM, Obama is our "Dear Leader," a celebrity-obsessed fabrication of a statesman who has accomplished nothing but economic and foreign policy ruin. There is no respect in which he is ever held to account. We don't know anything about him except that he is our oh-so-likeable (Why? How?) commander-in-chief who was brave enough to quit the golf course for the war room when Osama Bin Laden had finally been cornered.

The polls are corrupt, skewed to reflect more Democrats than Republicans, leading to the lie that people actually approve of his performance in office. Based on the cynical calculation that if the polls say it's so, the rest of us will believe it too. Strictly North Korea. Doesn't matter who's starving, worse off than four years ago, we can all buy the marxist lie that the real fault lies with the capitalists who stole all that money from the poor folk they've always hated and oppressed. And conservatives keep repeating the possibility that Obama is getting a pass because the voters still blame George Bush. They sigh. Going to war against this fallacy doesn't occur to them. Because, you know, polls are the big flibbertygibbet of American politics.

You know what? If you don't care, if you can't be induced to fight, I won't either. If Americans can be sold such a gigantic lie, and have it reinforced by the fears of AllahPundit and the electoral mathematicians at RCP, fuck it. In that case, we deserve what we get, and all that's left is comedy. Like what will happen to the fellow travellers of the One who put a foot wrong sometime in the next seven months.

"Thrown under the bus" is, after all, a euphemism.

Even true believers may have to deep throat a sword along the way. Anything for "Dear Leader."

Awwww. She put out for her hero. But Change requires Sacrifice.

And some will simply fall by the wayside. Even Harvard guys. Horrors.

He really shouldn't be criticizing Dear Leader for not being lefty enough.

Which would all be well and good except that America as a worldwide South Park joke has other costs that aren't just marionette farces...

If we don't care about this, well, uh, fuck us all. We deserve what we get.
We won't be seeing this man alive again. Is that really OK? Are you sure?

...unless that's what they really are.

Indifferent are you? I know I'm laughing. Hell, I'm old. It'll take ObamaCare a few more years to kill me. How about you and yours?

I know you're busy. We're all busy. How man-made catastrophes always happen. (And I'm not half-Sigma. I'm full-Sigma. Imagine my, uh, disquiet.)

Why shouldn't this be the new site icon? Call it Indicators of God III.

It sure beats Brizoni bleating for an empty universe. If you're going to commit to meaninglessness, commit fully and robustly.

Excuse me. I have to go take my pill now.

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