Monday, November 26, 2012

The Perversion
Of Good Ideas

I love this clip. How BORED he is. How drab and conventionally
liberal (Ali McLarter!!?) his list of self-actualized persons. Perfect.

MAWRITES. Go to Wiki for a decent breakdown of Maslow's hierarchy. I only remembered it because a friend nominated my wife for the the top level of the hierarchy. We both had to look it up again.

Truth in the contemporary context. The wonder is that individual responsibility ever prevailed in the American Experiment. Not that the American Experiment has now failed.

The United States of America was doomed from the moment women got the vote. Ann Coulter knows it. My wife knows it but won't say it. Mostly, they can't rise above the Family and Friends level of the hierarchy. Everybody should do for them because they have kids. Voila! Obama.

I have always hated the latter-day thrillers in which mom and dad are prepared to do anything to protect a child who has committed an unspeakable crime. That's moral nonsense. Not how families should ever behave in a civilized world. "That's my baby!!!!" Is not proof against the obligations of moral human experience.

But that's what we celebrate now. Women insist on being both madonnas AND whores. They want to be canonized for the physiological act of motherhood WHILE being granted the exclusive right to be as promiscuous as they want and end a life because they happen to harbor it in their wombs.

News. Women aren't gods. They don't get to run everything because they have the ability to get pregnant.

No society before ours has granted them the power to rule more than the home. For 5,000 years, civilization has known they possess the power to destroy everything. Within the last 50 years we embarked on a great experiment that not only proves they can, but that they have done it in very short order.

Why do we call it the nanny state? Because it's run by women stuck at the Family and Friends level of the Maslow Hierarchy.

Anybody doubt that Michelle can whip Barack's ass? Of course she can. Has she? Of course she has. The result? The insanity of a rejected twerp.

One more metaphor brought to you by Instapunk.

btw. Apologies to all my female friends who don't deserve not to vote. I'm sorry. I truly am. But the government has grown and grown and grown ever since women decided government needed to take care of everyone. How FDR got elected. Maybe it's the right thing to do. But is it? If it kills our whole civilization? The Catholic Church has been wrong all this time that women need to be especially virtuous? Now that more than 7 out of 10 births are illegitimate. When women are loud, promiscuous, and in charge, civilization dies.

Bullshit. The blood of men is the bloody footprints of civilization.
Yes, women have suffered. Men die for ideas by millions. Look it up.

That's not a provocative statement. It's the simple fucking truth. What's more, every woman whose opinion you respect already knows this. She just doesn't want to talk about it.

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