Thursday, November 29, 2012

Calling Dr. Waffle

LOOK AT COMMENTS FROM THE NASTY WOMAN POST. A commenter named Dr. Waffle and I crossed swords the other night. Things got out of hand. We're both hoping they don't again. It's obvious we don't agree about much. But maybe it's possible we can talk. If someone's willing to make the first move.

All right. Iíll start. On the starting over process, I mean.

What I believe. We are so obviously in decline that I have ceased inserting the links to facts I used to be punctilious about including.

The nation is in freefall. Employment down, way down. Interest rates at 0% to avoid the inflationary spiral you insist canít happen (quantitative eeeasingÖ ), housing market still flat, GDP falling, and Chicago the murder capital of the world. The fault belongs to both Democrats and Republicans. When Republicans had power, they spent too much, and Bush never vetoed a spending bill. I defend his foreign policy because I donít believe he lied to get us into Iraq. But wars are expensive, and the worst thing about them is that they can be lost after theyíve been won. Iraq is an expensive net loss. Obama has seen to that.

To me, the Arab Spring is a holocaust in the making. Hard core Islamists taking over everywhere, and Israel in the crosshairs. We could be substantially free of Mideast oil, but we have a president who refuses to exploit our own natural resources. Americans canít drill for oil offshore, but Brazilians can. Coal is actively regulated against by an Energy Secretary who would be happy to have American gas prices reach European levels. Fracking is done in by propaganda, though none of its supposed ill effects on groundwater have ever occurred. Climate change continues to be a political excuse for more regulation and carbon taxes, despite its name change from global warming, which stopped a dozen years ago if it ever existed at all.

The effective unemployment rate is 14 percent or higher when you factor in the people who have ceased looking for jobs and the underemployed. Young people and black people are especially hard hit. 50 percent unemployment for recent college grads and 14+ percent unemployment for black people. Yet both groups voted to reelect Obama. I feel sad for both but also angry about their ignorance. Does that make me racist and/or ageist? Probably in today's terms. I'm unapologetic.

Women.† Married women voted for Romney. Unmarried women voted for Obama. Unmarried women are largely single mothers who should have voted their pocketbooks but voted their ovaries instead. Does this make me angry? Yes. What do they prefer? Making a living or fucking and handouts? Now we know. Would I vote to deny women the vote? No. But do I have strong feelings about their contribution to the body politic? Yes.

You laugh when I bring up abortion. 790,000 abortions last year. Annual deaths recorded in the United States, about 2.5 million. Factored in, 25 percent of annual U.S. deaths are due to abortion, making it the leading cause of death in our country. Hardly a laughing matter. Seven out of ten births are out of wedlock, meaning no father, no family. I guess this is supposed to even itself out. Which means itís a policy of eugenics, no matter how you spin it. All spinning aside, this is a huge issue. Both the abortions and the illegitimate births are very disproportionately among minorities.

The public education system is completely broken. We have teachers who canít teach who are protected by a union tenure system originally intended for Einstein-like professors but now extended to elementary school teachers who arenít even proficient in the subjects theyíre supposed to teach.† I know you hate my anecdotes, but I swear to you I have never heard a teacher interviewed on camera in a labor action who did not commit a grammatical error, or three or five.

The demographics of the fiscal mess are insane. The Baby Boomers are, without doubt, the LARGEST generation. They are retiring every day now. Their Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security† costs will be crushing. The cost of ObamaCare on top of that is unknown.

Taxing the rich is not the answer. Itís a political placebo, as you know. Iím well aware that the first president who tried a 90 percent tax rate on the rich was Herbert Hoover. Didnít work for him. All it is now is a public relations stratagem.

And from my standpoint, the whole Obama administration is nothing but a public relations stratagem. One ruse after another to conceal one scandal after another. The crony-driven bankruptcy of General Motors, shutting out legitimate creditors in favor of the UAW, Fast & Furious, Benghazi, and many lesser instances of corruption.

What am I angriest about? Not Obamaís place of birth. Not his race. Not the gullibility of women.Not even the gullibility of African-Americans who are materially worse off since Obama became president and still voted for him overwhelmingly. Iím angriest about the mainstream media. Donít demand that I show all the proof. Itís so abundant I could fill a single-spaced webpage with statistics. From first to last, the mainstream media have protected Obama, covered his mistakes, attacked his opponents, concealed his scandals, and done everything possible to make him look what he is most definitely not Ė likeable.

Truth is, and everyone knows it. heís a thin-skinned narcissist who pals around with celebrities when he should be working in the Oval Office. He doesnít actually like being a politician. The worst possible credential for a president. Thatís not racism. Itís simple accurate observation. No press conferences, no meetings with his his own congressional leaders, and definitely no meetings with the opposition. Where does that leave us? Up shit creek. For four more disastrous years.

Iím not homophobic either. Just watched the comedy Kinky Boots. About a black transvestite boot designer. Loved it.

Is this the basis for a conversation? Iíve put my cards on the table. Maybe itís time for you to do the same.

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