Friday, January 18, 2013

The First InstaPunk
Book is Here

TOOK MY SWEET TIME, DIDN'T I?. I've been working toward this moment for months, and I still feel like I've been asked to give a toast out of the blue.

Regular readers have been expecting a Best of InstaPunk volume, and that still is in the pipeline. But a few months ago plans changed. I was inspired to dust off an older project, a book about the 2008 election, and revise + update it. Like I say on the back cover of The Indictment, my intent was to compile a kind of Berlin Diary about the Obama Administration. Quickly realizing such a compilation would probably exceed the phonebook length of Berlin, I tried to pare it down to the essential history of the period. It was somewhere around 650 pages. Even with only the good Sarah Palin posts (but all the good Sarah Palin posts) and the good election aftermath posts and that one really good Biden post from 2005, it was still too much. Finally I settled on a focused narrative: Obama. First the man himself, second the world that made him and the world he's made. A psychological autopsy, then a history.

So here it is. 350 pages. After many, many weeks of pouring over old entries, formatting for the printed page, Photoshopping, more Photoshopping, wrestling with the vagaries of fly-by-night knockoff PDF creators, and a very sparing use of spell-check, I think we've got something. The thing looks good, my friends. And you could mistake that cover I designed for a real cover, at a glance.

After almost 10 years online, makes it to print. You can buy it here. Sold and published by honest-to-God Amazon. Tell your friends.

It's cheap, if that helps. Price-wise I mean.

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