Thursday, February 28, 2013


A DECADE OF CONFESSION. This site is approaching a milestone. Sometime in the next month we'll hit 3,000 posts. Ten years worth at a clip of about five per week. If the average is 1,000 words per post, which seems about right, that's 3 million words, the length equivalent of three Bibles or sixty novels. Not all mine, but mostly. That doesn't guarantee anything, of course. It could all be crap. But it does mean that I've talked about everything under the sun, exposed myself in every way possible, through posts personal, political. intellectual, emotional, humorous, and spiritual.

It's been said that I'm mean and condescending. True. But I also don't ban commenters. They get their say. Few blogs of this longevity can make the same claim. They ban or ignore the trolls in their midst, sometimes even the smart dissenters. I don't. I simply reserve the right to sail into combat against those who take aim with complete anonymity against the easy target of someone who is continuously on the record.

None of you can claim that you don't know everything about my preferences in every aspect of life, from music to movies to poetry to cars to dogs to history to science to, well, everything. If you can't claim that, it's because you don't know how to search this site. Which is what this post is about.

Before you tell me I haven't discussed something you regard as vital, you have three options available to prevent you from looking ridiculous. Archives. Search. And Advanced Search.

Archives is a link in the left hand column. It takes you to a list of weeks of Instapunk posts. When you click on a week, you see all the posts of that week. If you click on an individual post by hitting the bead between Comments and the date, you get a version that will also give you access to the Comments for that post. Did you know that? Nothing at Instapunk is lost.

The Search function, also located in the lefthand column, is good for one word and one word only. Worthwhile if, for example, you want to see how many times I've written about Obama (e.g., far more than the book's worth of posts included in the current Amazon book). [Yeah. I'm too lazy or arrogant even to link my own book. What a jerk, right?] Again, you can access the Comments associated with any post listed.

Any screen created by the Search function will also offer you the option of the Advanced Search function, which enables you to look for specific phrases, combinations of words or phrases, etc. Perhaps most useful for finding a post you remember or seem to, an event you think I must have written about, or a wild hare obsession of your own.

In all honesty, not foolproof. Even I on occasion can't find posts I know I've written. But good enough to show you that whatever you're most steamed about, I've probably written quite a bit about it.

No, I'm not trying to deter your comments. I'm simply indicating how you can reach me at my least mean and condescending. When you know what I've said, you might be less provocative and denunciatory. Or not. Up to you.

Alternatively, you can read for hours and hours on subjects that appeal to you more than the pros and cons of mindless sequester debates.

Your choice. Just offering a different perspective.

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