Wednesday, January 26, 2005

The Will of the People -- meaning their feelings
If you're going to address your critics, you may as well pick on the weakest nitwits and the bunch that can't help but use the most vitriolic language and character assassination. That way it is easy to dismiss them all.

This is the approach Mr. Boortz chose to use in dealing with his nonsense comments about the permanent unemployment of smokers -- as a class.

Of course, he did not address the real concerns raised by our own InstaPunk. Why? That would have required more thought and more than the 300 words he dedicated to defending himself against his critics -- especially since his own site's pool showed that 65% of respondents disagreed with him.

Get yourself a box of fine cigars or a carton of cigarettes and enjoy one of life's simple pleasures (may we suggest this). And, if you can't smoke in the work house, take up the ghastly habit of chewing tobacco. You can spit in a coffee mug and who will be the wiser. If it gets disgusting enough, maybe they'll welcome smokers back into the office.

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