Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Hugh Hewitt and his Book

It's called Blog. The Chain Gang sent it to me with a postit note telling me it was a must-read. They didn't say why, but that's okay because Hugh Hewitt did -- several times in the preface, several more in the introduction, and every few pages in the brief text shoehorned in between the front matter and the appendixes.

It's a great book. Really. Without it, most of us wouldn't ever be able to understand just how important and revolutionary lawyers blogs are. Instead, we'd keep on writing our little entries in a kind of shamefaced silence, convinced that the famous mainstream journalists are, in fact, better than the right-wing lawyers bloggers who accidentally defeated John Kerry and Dan Rather last November in their pajamas.

Thanks to Hugh, we can now all take pride in the fact that the BEST of the Internet lawyers bloggers are as smart, well educated, and well dressed as Peter Jennings (high school dropout), Tom Brokaw (South Dakota State or something), and Dan Rather (East West Texas State Teachers Agricultural Seminary). The really really good lawyers bloggers, like Hugh Hewitt, Scott Johnson, John Hinderaker, Andrew Sullivan, and Glenn Reynolds all have Ivy League degrees unless they're from England and at some point became homosexual or liberal or something like that.

Which is why the whole lawyerblogosphere is like the Reformation, which was the time way back in the middle ages when the famous lawyer blogger mechanic Gutenberg brought down the Pope by printing the Bible for a lower retail sticker price than the family car, which made Martin Luther the most successful heretic anti-semite propagandist revolutionary in history.

And now we can do the same thing. All we have to do is go to an Ivy League law school and start a blog that has plenty of links to Hugh And maybe recommend him to a consulting gig with our favorite Fortune 500 company. (We sent an email to the CEO of this one. We mentioned Hugh twice and ourself only once. That's what great lawyers bloggers like ourself call modesty.)

Wow. Wasn't that easy? Now we're a revolutionary too.

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