Thursday, April 07, 2005

There was once a Father who had Two Children
Does anyone out there still think President George W. Bush is stupid?

Usually, that would be all we wrote, allowing you, dear reader, to fill in the rest. However, sometimesKneel here, Bill people write in and don't get it, so we'll expand -- just a bit. Linger over this picture for a little longer than usual. There they are, President Clinton and President George H. W. Bush kneeling next to the Pope's body. They've been appearing all over the place raising public awareness and coordinating relief efforts for the tsunami victims and now they've traveled to Rome together.

President Clinton is the most powerful voice the Democrats have and he is constantly seen with the President's father. Now he is seen kneeling with the President's father. Throw in the fact that President Clinton's past father figures have been a bit deficient and you can catch a glimpse of the brilliance of our President. See? Funny.

Also, you could hold your cursor over the image and get a bit more of the humor. Yet again, there is a lack of symmetry in this photo (meaning, someone is missing that would balance the shot) which is also very funny, the more you think about it.

It does seem like something, or more likely, someone has caught President Clinton's eye in the balcony. We imagine this will be discussed quietly at another time.

Some days, the jokes just write themselves.

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