Friday, June 17, 2005

Liberty -- the bell is cracked
Deciding where to move? Most Americans move every five to seven years, at least that's what we're told. And, we found a helpful way to know where to go -- put together by Al Doyle. More accurately, where not to move, if you have a choice.

Al's analysis is not complicated. It doesn't involve complicated computer models that combine the studied values of real estate, education spending, test scores, employment, economic output, or other factors that might be considered by a better funded analysis. No, Al's got to work fast and under budget, so he only looked at one thing -- gun laws.

Time to Move

The logic seems simple enough -- if the citizens of a State don't care enough about their right to keep and bear arms, they probably don't care enough to stop intrusive governmental regulations in every other area of life. Since a low value on protecting life in the most deadly of circumstances leaves the barn door wide open in other less grave circumstances. Makes sense to us.

You're not given a list of places to go, rather a list of States to avoid.

Without further adieu:
  The Seven Worst Places to Live -- by gun law reckoning:
    1. California
    2. Washington D.C.
    3. Hawaii
    4. Illinois
    5. Massachusetts
    6. New Jersey
    7. New York

Highlights include:
NJ -- Only holders of a Firearms Purchasers Identification Card (FID) may legally own a weapon and according to "As of 12-30-03 there are a little over 3000 permits issued in a state of 8 million people. Most are held by retired law enforcement officers." This, of course, refers to concealed carry permits and not to the FID -- we couldn't figure out how many of these exist.

MA -- Residents must register with the state and obtain permission from Massachusetts to purchase even a simple single-shot long gun. Class A licenses are required for handgun ownership, and random restrictions may be placed on the license.

IL -- There is a handgun ban in the City of Chicago. So, no one is shot by a handgun? In 2002, 511 (almost two per day) homicides were committed with a firearm. H-m-m-m didn't they know that it was illegal to own a handgun in Chicago? It is probably illegal to kill people in the City of Chicago too. Outside Chicago -- all Illinois gun owners are required to obtain a Firearm Owners Identification Card (FOID) from the state, and the card must be presented to purchase even a single round of ammo. All gun purchases are supposed to be registered with the state.

DC -- All handgun ownership is banned, and those who own rifles or shotguns must register with the city.

CA -- You must register all handguns with the Department of Justice. There is also a 10-day waiting period for every gun purchase.

You can read all the details in Al's analysis.

What to do? Well, as we like to say, "That'd be up to you." You can live in these places and break the law. You can live in these places and attempt to abide by the laws. You could work feverishly to change the laws. Or, you could just look around at the forty-three other states that value your liberty a bit higher than these frightful seven. Good luck.

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